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Caster Wheels

RWM Casters is a leading industrial wheel manufacturer and innovative leader in cutting edge industrial wheel design and production and has been supplying industrial casters and wheels for over 75 years to a multitude of industries. Our GT Wheel offers top notch rolling ease with minimum effort and carries immense loads. We also use premium PTMEG instead of PPG in our superior polyurethane wheels that last longer, take higher loads, absorb shock better resist abrasion and tearing, will not flat spot and provide a better value to our customers.

Click on the links above to view more detailed information about our large selection of industrial wheels that are categorized into four main groups - metal wheels, polyurethane wheels, rubber wheels, nylon, plastic and phenolic wheels. If you're searching for industrial wheel solutions for a specific application, click on our links to the right for application solutions - from Industrial Aerospace Wheels to Wheels for Tire Manufacturing facilities. If you don't see what you want, give customer service a call and our experienced engineers will a custom designed a wheel solution to match your needs precisely.