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Steel Caster Wheels (300-20,000 lb. Capacity)

RWM's line of high capacity Cast Iron and Forged steel wheels are excellent when capacity is the name of the game. Designed to shoulder loads beyond that of other wheels under the roughest, most demanding and abusive conditions while rolling on the poorest of floors. An added benefit of metal wheels is the ability to run on tracks to aid proper product flow and the streamlining of production. RWM Flanged and V-Groove wheels will keep heavy loads on track and provide you with the most options when designing your assembly lines.

Cast Iron Wheels (CI) 300-10,000 lbs.

RWM Cast Iron Wheels are extremely long wearing. They provide excellent resistance to shock and are a good choice for heavy loads in manufacturing and warehousing, especially on rough concrete, wood block and other rough surface conditions.

RWM Cast Iron Wheels are made of much stronger material than inexpensive semi-steel wheels offered by many other wheel manufacturers. These cast iron wheels can withstand high temperatures and exposure to water or the environment. They will rust over time. Cast iron wheels can also withstand exposure to chemicals, grease, oils, etc.

Temperature Range: -40 to +800° Fahrenheit

Steel Wheels (FS) 1,400-20,000 lbs.

RWM Steel Wheels are hot forged from medium carbon steel providing maximum strength and durability. These wheels are virtually indestructible within their capacity range. Forged Steel Wheels can be used in the roughest, most demanding, abusive applications on the poorest floors under the heaviest of loads. These forged steel wheels should not be confused with ductile iron or heavy-duty cast iron wheels offering both lower cost and reduced capacities. Steel Wheels are the only choice when extra heavy duty loads on poor floor conditions need to be moved safely.

Temperature Range: -50 to +800° Fahrenheit

V-Groove Wheels (VF and VI) 700-15,000 lbs.

RWM V-Groove Wheels are high strength cast iron (VI) castings or forged steel (VF) forgings machined with a 90° groove for operation on an inverted angle iron track. These wheels are used to control the flow of a load, i.e., into an oven, between machines, over long distances or where "production line" sequence is required.

Care must be made to assure the inverted angle iron track is parallel to ensure smooth and constant tracking. In some cases it may be advisable to run inverted angle iron on one side with V-Groove wheels and flat bar stock steel on the other side with a flat faced cast iron or forged steel wheel.

Temperature Range: -50 to +800° Fahrenheit

Stainless Steel Wheels (SS) 450-1,100 lb. Capacity

RWM Stainless steel wheels are well suited for highly corrosive environments and can be subjected to high temperatures without showing signs of degradation or corrosion. Produced in type 303 stainless steel these wheels offer great capacity range and can withstand the most harmful environments when other wheels can't.

Temp Range: Negative 30 to 600°