Nylon Wheels, Plastic Wheels, Phenolic Wheels

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Nylon Wheels, Plastic Wheels, Phenolic Wheels

Superior materials and design enable RWM Casters to provide some of the best wheels in the industry. See what makes our GT Series the best solid elastomer wheel around (Click here). Whether you need capacity, impact resistance, wear resistance, towing or heat resistance, RWM has a wheel for you. From our super tough customizable Ultron for the heavy loads, to our Durastan Phenolic wheels when an economical solution reigns supreme, our Nylon/Plastic and Phenolic wheels are tailored to meet your requirements.

Polyolefin Wheels (PO)

Polyolefin wheels are an excellent low cost wheel. Polyolefin is a very durable plastic material. It has superior resistance to water and chemicals. It has better abrasion resistance than hard rubber and a remarkable ability to withstand impact. Polyolefin wheels can be used in a wide range of applications including bakeries, meat processing and packaging, dairies, food processing, laundries, supermarkets, offices, warehousing and manufacturing.

Most sizes of polyolefin wheels have a slightly crowned tread offering excellent rollability and maneuverability. Various sizes, bores and bearings are available for our polyolefin wheels. Our standard color is black, but it can be ordered in white.

High Temperature Glass Filled Nylon Wheels (HN)

Our HN High Temperature Glass Filled Nylon Wheels are molded from reinforced nylon specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and provide excellent wear resistance. These nylon wheels can be used continuously at 350° Fahrenheit and intermittently up to 550° Fahrenheit.

High Temperature Glass Filled Nylon Wheels are able to handle high load capacities and have excellent impact resistance at room temperature. These high temp nylon wheels are highly resistant to water, cooking oils, fats, petroleum based products, common cleaning solutions, solvents, acids and salt.

These high temperature nylon wheels outlast and outperform all other high temperature wheels. They can be used in bakeries, smokehouses, curing ovens, autoclaves, mobile powder coating racks and other high temperature applications.

85 Shore D Durometer Temperature Range: -40 to 550° Fahrenheit

Pinnacle Glass Filled Nylon Wheels (PN)

Pinnacle Glass Filled Nylon Wheels are ultra-tough thermoplastic non-marking wheels that are extremely durable and deflect floor debris with very high impact resistance. Pinnacle Glass Filled Nylon Wheels roll easily and are able to handle high load capacities requiring far less force to roll than other hard tread wheels. This very economical nylon wheel is resistant to water, most chemicals, solvents, salts and steam cleaning. Pinnacle Nylon Wheels are available with roller bearings, iolite, celcon or plain bores and are standard black in color.

85 Shore D Durometer

Temperature Range: -40 to +350° Fahrenheit

GT (Solid Elastomer) Wheels

The GT wheel is a high performance wheel that combines the toughness of blended elastomers and quality steel with the advanced wheel design to carry heavy loads without component breakdown. It will resist most chemicals in industrial and institutional environments. The GT wheel will perform continuously for extended periods on all surfaces and under all conditions. This wheel provides excellent rollability with minimum effort. It will absorb impacts without damage that would shatter other wheels. The GT will perform under the most extreme temperatures, almost entirely maintenance free, and will roll mile after mile with virtually no tread wear.

75 Shore D Durometer

Temperature Range: -40° to +275° Fahrenheit

Available with Sealed Precision Ball Bearing Only

Durastan Wheels (DU): Phenolic Wheels

Durastan Phenolic Wheels are made from macerated cotton canvas and mixed with a quality premium phenolic resin compound. They are molded under high pressure under controlled conditions to produce a maximum density, superior strength product. Durastan Phenolic Wheels are extremely hard 90 Shore D, and roll very easily. They are not as loud as steel wheels and provide better floor protection.

Durastan wheels are a very popular wheel and are used in a wide range of industrial applications including manufacturing, warehousing and bakeries. Durastan phenolic wheels are very economical. They are capable of withstanding heat ranges from -50 to 250° Fahrenheit. Special high temperature Durastan phenolic wheels are available for -45 to 475° Fahrenheit applications found in industrial bakeries and other high temperature applications.

Extra heavy-duty laminated Durastan phenolic wheels are also available. They offer a 25% higher rated capacity and added shock load capacity. All Durastan phenolic wheels are resistant to oils, grease, gasoline and most commonly used chemicals and water. Durastan phenolic wheels are not recommended for submerged or constant wet environments. Durastan phenolic wheels should not be towed at high speeds or used on poor or damaged floor surfaces.

Ultron Wheels

RWM's Nylatron Wheels are as strong as steel. These wheels are EXTREMELY heavy duty wheels designed for severe loads. They have great rollability and are easier on floors than steel and iron wheels. Nylatron Wheels do not chunk or separate under extreme applications. They are resilient against high temperature buildup from bearings and friction.