Polyurethane Wheels

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Polyurethane Wheels

RWM Casters uses premium PTMEG polyurethane which provides an added safety cushion vs. our competitors PPG polyurethane wheel material. (Click here to see why RWM's polyurethane trumps the competition). Polyurethane tread wheels are an excellent way to provide a layer of durable, long lasting, shock absorbing cushion between your valuable products and the floor. Available in a wide array of durometers and thicknesses, these polyurethane wheels can dominate in almost any application with a capacity of 150-10,300 lbs. With polyurethane wheels designed for high impact shock absorbtion, noise reduction, rollability, high speeds and extreme durability, RWM Casters is pleased to offer the best polyurethane wheel lineup in the industry.

Urethane Solid Wheels (US) 125 - 500 lbs.

RWM Urethane Solid wheels are designed primarily for applications involving high moisture. Injection molded hytrel urethane, the urethane solid wheels provide extended service in moisture applications that normally destroy conventionally bonded urethane wheels. The standard durometer of RWM urethane solid wheels is 75 on the Shore D scale.

Urethane on Polypropylene Wheels (UP) 225 - 1,000 lbs.

Urethane on Polypropylene Wheels are very popular, attractive, lightweight and extremely durable wheels used in countless applications. The combination of both materials provides for a long lasting, longwearing wheel that is impervious to water (including salt water), resistant to oils, grease, most solvents and chemicals. These polyurethane wheels are typically used in commercial, industrial and food service applications.

The polyurethane tread is non-marking and offers a quiet ride, floor protection and excellent capacity ratings. These polyurethane wheels have a slight crown so that they maneuver very well. They are used in large numbers in the retail industry, shopping carts, platform trucks, etc. and can be washed down offering excellent sanitary applications. The polyurethane is mechanically bonded to a high-density polypropylene core. This mechanical bond eliminates bond separation in wet or submerged conditions. These polyurethane wheels provide a smooth ride over rough surfaces.

95 Shore A Durometer

Temperature Range: -40 to +175° Fahrenheit

Urethane on Aluminum Wheels (UA) 420 - 1,500 lbs.

RWM urethane on aluminum core wheels roll easier and outlast rubber wheels. RWM urethane treads are a high quality liquid cast polyurethane chemically bonded to our aluminum cores. Aluminum core does not rust, but can corrode when exposed to certain cleaners and solvents (use MU wheel as alternative). Aluminum core has an attractive, strong metallic look. We crown the wheels slightly to reduce the energy needed to turn the wheel when under a heavy load. All RWM urethane tread wheels offer capacities approaching those of steel wheels, outstanding abrasion resistance, oil, and chemical resistance. In addition, these wheels are non-marking and protect floors. Many have found these wheels provide excellent rollability and are versatile enough to use on a variety of floor surfaces. Our Premium PTMEG urethane provides longer service life, better wear and tear characteristics and rejects floor debris.

Torus Wheel™ Urethane on Aluminum Round Tread (UAB) 700-1,500lbs.

The Torus Wheel™ offers a rounded tread that provides easy turning under heavy loads. The Torus Wheel™ features premium PTMEG urethane, 92 on the Shore-A scale, that is mechanically and chemically bonded to a light-weight sturdy aluminum core. This prevents tread separation and ensures maximum service life especially in demanding continuous use applications. The Torus Wheel™ has an aluminum core that provides a lightweight, long-lasting attractive alternative to cast iron.

Omega Wheels (UO) 1,000 - 2,000 lbs.

The Omega Wheel is a patented urethane wheel developed for caster applications. This polyurethane wheel achieves its load bearing and enhanced impact absorbing capabilities through a patented web/spoke design. When the wheel encounters an obstacle, it flexes, cushioning the load, and rebounds to its original shape. It retains bond at high speeds and resists picking up metal chips.

The Omega tread resists chunking and tearing, and reduces noise more than standard polyurethane wheels. It eliminates the need for spring loaded casters. This wheel has been tested and engineered for 5 years. This design has been optimized to carry high loads at high speeds. Omega wheels are built to industry standards and can be retrofitted to any caster rig using the same size wheels

Solid Urethane Wheels (MU) 300 - 3,000 lbs.

The RWM Solid Urethane Wheels offer quiet operation and rollability. This non-marking wheel is resistant to grease, oil, chemicals and moisture. In addition, it is also resistant to chunking, cutting and abrasive wear.

Whisper Wheels (UW) 1,500 - 4,000 lbs.

The Whisper Wheel is a unique design in which one inch of urethane is molded to a specially machined cast iron core. The core is uniquely machined and the urethane is then mechanically and chemically bonded to the core. This unique design provides you with a wheel that is longer wearing than standard urethane wheel designs, resists lateral delamination of the tread and reduces noise and provides a quiet ride. Our Premium PTMEG urethane provides longer service life, better wear and tear characteristics and rejects floor debris.

Infinity Wheels (INF) 2,000 - 5,000 lbs.

RWM Infinity Wheels have exceptional abrasion resistance, high tear strength and up to ten times the life of natural rubber wheels under similar loads and conditions. Load capacities are greater than similarly designed wheels, enabling the use of a smaller diameter wheel if required. Excellent for towing applications.

Our Infinity wheels are resistant to a wide range of oils, greases and chemicals, but are sensitive to hydrolysing agents such as hot water, steam and hot moist air, strong acids and alcohols. They offer excellent recovery from long periods of heavy static loading combined with low rolling resistance and floor saving capabilities

Urethane on Iron Wheels (UI) 400 - 9,000 lbs.

RWM urethane on iron wheels are liquid cast and chemically bonded to our machined cast iron cores. The core is a heavy-duty solid web design with an oversized hub, enabling it to be machined to be fitted for special bearings or a keyway. Careful attention is made during the bonding process to assure that each urethane on iron wheel meets or exceeds RWM’s high standards of performance. They will outlast rubber wheels. In addition, these wheels are non-marking to floors and provide a more quiet ride than hard tread or steel wheels. Urethane wheels also provide outstanding abrasion resistance and are resistant to most chemicals, grease, oils and water. Our Premium PTMEG urethane provides longer service life, better wear and tear characteristics and rejects floor debris. All wheels up to 8" x 2-1/2" wide are standard crown tread that reduces the amount of friction between the tread and the floor, improving the rollability and maneuverability of the wheel.

Ultra Thick Urethane Wheels (UT) 1,600 - 10,300 lbs.

Ultra Thick Urethane wheels solve performance applications previously requiring press-on wheels. The thick tread reduces contact stresses in the polyurethane during high loading and towing, which reduces tread chunking. These liquid cast wheels feature a chemical and mechanical lock between the core and the urethane. Our Premium PTMEG urethane provides longer service life, better wear and tear characteristics and rejects floor debris.