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Our Economical Pneumatic Casters feature a cold formed top plate yoke and button that are heat treated for added service life. This industrial caster is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications where product protection is required. Pneumatic wheels offer maximum floor protection and move freely over obstructions and rough floors. The wheels provide smooth, shock-resistant operation for delicate instruments and breakable components. All swivel sections are equipped with a lubrication fitting for field maintenance. Ball bearings provide maximum rolling ease and quiet operation for medium to heavy duty loads.
Swivel Section: Double ball
Kingpin: 5/8" rivet
Finish: Zinc plated
Wheels: 8" pneumatic
Contact RWM Customer Service for options for the Economical Full Pneumatic Casters at 1-800-634-7704 ext. 312 or 314.
RWM’s Economical Pneumatic Casters are designed for applications that require a cushioned ride, including but not limited to carts and trucks carrying sensitive materials and parts, glass, ceramics, electronics, chemicals, sound & lighting equipment, movie production equipment (ie: cameras), etc. Pneumatic casters are also useful on uneven floors and outdoor environments. Other applications may include luggage carts, platform trucks, mate- rial handling carts, warehouse and factory applications, job site tool boxes, security cages, stock carts, shelf trucks, mobile storage racks, etc.
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8" 2.80/4" FN Pneumatic 300 9-3/4" 46-FNB-0828-S-E 2-1/8" 6.5
To order a rigid caster, change the “S" to “R" in the model number. For example, “46-FNB-0828-R-E". If precise dimensions are required, consult your RWM representative. For approximate weight of our rigid casters, deduct 0.8 pounds per item.