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There are two main designs for the swivel section of an industrial caster - kingpin casters and kingpinless casters. The kingpin caster swivel section is designed using a stem on the top plate to fasten together the lower part of the swivel section. This kingpin design utilizes a load bearing and thrust bearing to transmit the load. The kingpin allows the end user to tighten the kingpin providing varying levels of swivel resistance. The kingpin design also allows the user to adjust the kingpin nut as the swivel section wears, which can prolong the life of the caster and allso allows easier access to clean out the swivel section if needed. Click this link to view a reference and measurement guide for stamped and cold forged kingpin caster swivel sections.

VERSATRAC 27® SERIES CASTERS 150-300 lb. Capacity

The VersaTrac 27® Series Casters provide solutions to a wide range of institutional caster and industrial caster applications. This light medium duty caster is available in multiple styles and sizes. It is offered in numerous top plates and stem choices and is available with 12 standard wheel combinations. The VersaTrac 27® Series Caster is a durable and reliable caster. It includes extra thick material in the top plate, yoke and raceways. The VersaTrac 27® is heat treated for extended service life and comes standard with a metal dust shield. This light medium duty caster series provides the ultimate in value at very competitive prices.

The VersaTrac 27® Series Caster is very popular, and accounts for nearly half of all institutional in use today. These casters are used extensively in general industry, medical equipment, laboratory, residential, industrial and manufacturing applications. The VersaTrac 27® Series Casters are ideal for use in food service and food processing equipment, carts, dollies, bins, cases, racks, tables, commercial appliances, retail fixtures, display stands, business machines and equipment. RWM also stocks hard to find and unusual interchangeable stems for our 27 Series Casters. Choose from our 7/8" x 2" square stem with holes, 7/16" x 1 1/2" threaded stem, 5/8"-11 x 1 3/4" threaded stem or our 3/4"-10 x 1 3/4" threaded stem.

31 SERIES CASTERS-GENERAL 125-400 lb. Capacity

RWM's 31 Series Casters are perfect for a wide range of light duty industrial, institutional, material handling and general-purpose caster applications. The 31 Series Caster's heavy-duty zinc plate finish is both attractive and corrosion resistant. Swivel models provide greater maneuverability, while rigid models offer straight-line mobility. Brake options are available on the 31 Series Casters swivel models only.

These 31 Series light duty casters are used in a variety of applications and industries including the moving of furniture, electronics, medical equipment and stands, food service and institutional equipment and carts (hotels, resorts, hospitals, restaurants, schools and many other applications).

40 SERIES CASTERS-MEDIUM DUTY 200-1,200 lb. Capacity

Our 40 Series Casters have been used in a wide variety of applications for many years and are the backbone of the material handling industry. Nearly every warehouse, freight terminal, manufacturing plant and industrial business use these types of casters somewhere in their operations. The load ratings for our 40 Series Casters fit a wide variety of manufacturing and warehousing uses. This medium duty caster series is designed for use on scrap bins, parts boxes, dollies and racks. The 40 Series Caster is the same as our standard 46 Series Casters except for 1 1/2" wide wheels.

45 SERIES CASTERS-MEDIUM DUTY 350-1,200 lb. Capacity

RWM's 45 Series Casters are an economical version of our 46 Series Caster. Typical applications for our 45 Series include dollies, shop carts, scrap bins and floor trucks. The 45 Series Caster offers three brake options to best meet your requirements.

Our 45 Series Caster features double ball raceways, a 5/8" diameter rivet hydraulically compressed for trouble free service life. These casters are ideal for aircraft/aerospace, bakery carts, dough troughs, meat processing vats, seafood holding tanks, a-frame trucks, assembly line & boat molding dollies, box trucks, conveyor stands, conveyors, fixture carts, gantries, maintenance & material handling carts, mobile storage racks, mobile tool chests, platform trucks, security cages, refuse containers, shipping/receiving carts, tire racks, bellman carts, chair & table dollies, floor scrubbers, housekeeping carts, institutional equipment, janitorial equipment, laundry & luggage carts, animal cages, laboratory equipment, electronic equipment, mail trucks, mobile kitchen equipment, steam tables, school furniture, textile dye trucks and textile roving cans.

46 SERIES CASTERS-MEDIUM HEAVY 350-1,200 lb. Capacity

Our 46 Series Casters are designed for medium heavy-duty applications. Typical applications for the 46 Series Casters include dollies, shop carts, scrap bins and warehouse trucks. Medium heavy-duty casters are the backbone of the material handling industry. Nearly every warehouse, freight terminal, manufacturing plant and industrial business use these types of casters somewhere in their operations.

They are ideal for platform trucks, material handling carts, vending machines, warehouse and factory applications, heavy-duty foodservice and institutional equipment, tool boxes, stock carts, shelf trucks, ground support equipment, bakery carts, a-frame trucks, assembly line dollies, maintenance carts, mobile storage racks, shipping/receiving carts, warehousing & freight terminal dollies and carts, gantries & hoppers, laundry and linen carts & hampers, portable work benches, drywall dollies & carts, and countless other medium duty applications.

52 SERIES CASTERS-MEDIUM HEAVY 350-1,400 lb. Capacity

RWM's 52 Series is manufactured from cold formed steel. This series is highly recommended for use in heavy duty applications.

Economy 52 SERIES CASTERS-MEDIUM HEAVY 350-1,400 lb. Capacity

The E52 Series is an economy version of our 52 Series.

53 SERIES CASTERS 540-1,800 lb. Capacity

RWM's 53 Series features thicker legs and a 3/4" diameter axle that improves on our very popular 52 series. This caster is designed to stand up to most heavy duty applications.

ECONOMY 53 SERIES CASTERS 540-1,800 lb. Capacity

The Economy 53 Series is an economy version of our 53 Series.

54 SERIES CASTERS 540-3,000 lb. Capacity

RWM's 54 Series is even stronger than our 53 series. This is our largest conventional kinpgin style caster.