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Testing Capabilities

RWM Casters has the ability to test industrial casters and wheels using various testing platforms that allow us to verify fit, function, durability and the feasibility of new designs. Our dedicated staff of quality oriented personnel strives to meet the highest of quality standards. RWM Casters in-house testing facility allows us to perform the necessary testing to keep existing products top notch and make future products even better. Read More>

Design Information

As a leading domestic manufacturer of industrial casters and wheels, RWM Casters is the one stop shop for all the caster, wheel and material handling information you may need. Above you will find links to specific product technical design information on our industrial casters, wheels, accessories and material handling products. Industrial casters can often be shrouded in a veil of questions, this section is meant to provide detailed additional information beyond what our individual product pages may contain. The best source for critical technical design information in regard to our time tested and proven heavy duty kingpinless casters, essential details on custom caster or component design, or critical assembly diagrams, prints and video to aid in the installation and operation of our product. Also included in the technical information section are product white papers. These tools give an in depth analysis to many technical topics such as material properties and performance benefits especially in relation to our performance driven, high quality polyurethane wheels. If you don't find what you are looking for, please give our customer service team a call at 800-634-7704 for immediate assistance.

Material Information


Learn why RWM's PTMEG polyurethane results in a superior wheel for a wide variety of applications. Read More>

Wheel Hardness Comparison Chart

Quick comparison of wheel hardnesses for rubber, urethane elastomers and plastic wheels. Read More>

Series Information

Wheel Selection Chart

Find the industrial wheel for your floor surface and the characteristics that you need with this quick reference chart. Wheel capacity ranges and guidelines for selecting wheel diameters are included here as well as a wheel hardness comparison chart. Read More>

White Papers

More in-depth technical design information and testing data for our high quality polyurethane, zinc plating and more. Read More>

Bearing Application Guide

Find the wheel bearing type for your specific application. Wheel bearings listed in order of ease of effort to specifics on sealed precision ball bearings to oilite bearings. Read More>

Brake Options

RWM Casters offers a variety of industrial caster wheel brake options on our swivel and rigid caster series. All are factory installed, and some models may be installed in the field. Read More>

Brake Chart

Find which brake options are available for each RWM caster series. Read More>

Replacement Parts

Find replacement parts for several of our industrial caster series for roller and ball bearings, axle and nut assemblies, spanner bushings and thrust washers. Read More>

Top Plate Options

Diagrams offer a visual reference and measurement guide for various top plate configurations on RWM caster models. Read More>

Kingpin Swivel Section Styles

Visual reference and measurement guides for stamped and cold forged kingpin caster swivel sections, and cross sections of kingpin caster diameters. Read More>

Kingpinless™ Swivel Section Styles

Diagrams for a visual reference and measurement guide for kingpinless caster swivel sections and cross section raceway diameters for several caster series. Read More>

Caster Descriptions

A quick reference to all of the RWM industrial caster series listing features, benefits and appropriate industry usage. Read More>

Wheel Descriptions

A quick reference to all of the RWM industrial wheel series listing features, benefits and appropriate industry usage. Read More>

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions about industrial casters and wheels. Read More>

Glossary of Caster Terms

Quick reference to caster industry technical terms. Read More>