Towing Line Casters for the Automotive, Aerospace, and Manufacturing Industries (and More)

Only the highest-quality, most durable, and smoothly operating casters will do for mission-critical applications in demanding industries like yours. At RWM Casters, we carry an astounding variety of towing casters and have the in-depth experience required to deliver superior products, expert advice, and outstanding customer service. That means you can rely on us to supply durable, high-performance casters and wheels, which perfectly suit your intended use and keep your business moving.



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Kingpinless Fabricated Steel Towing Casters

As the inventors of the now industry-standard Kingpinless towing casters, we offer a huge selection. Depending upon the load capacity you require and the towing speed anticipated, we supply durable casters with the optimal wheel diameter for your application, in heavy, medium, or light duty.

Our towline wheels are designed with a narrow footprint for easy maneuverability in tight or crowded workspaces. You can choose from rigid top plate design or twin-wheel swivels, with total or directional locks. The Kingpinless raceway ensures even load distribution and smooth swiveling action.

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Plastic Towline Series

This innovative towing caster offers extended service life, designed to essentially eliminate the common causes of caster failure. The urethane on iron wheel configuration can withstand the most abusive conditions.

The heavy-duty wheel options and carbon steel ball raceway design make these towline casters incredibly tough. The 95 series, for example, offers up to a 20,000-pound capacity. This series is used widely across industries including shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, military, metal fabrication, and many more.

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Custom Towline Casters

If our stock towing caster products aren’t quite what you’re looking for, let us make custom towing casters just for you. Our team of industrial engineers is ready to assess your project requirements and create casters that perfectly match your specifications.

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Chafe Protection: Cast Urethane Towline Protectors

For your most valuable gear, we recommend our cast urethane towline protectors. When installed on your towlines, these protectors help avoid excessive wear-and-tear damage from rubbing or chafing.

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Where to Get the Best Selection of Towing Casters

Choosing the right towing caster can be critical to the success of your application. Our towline products ensure that your forklifts can easily and efficiently tow a loaded dolly or cart. We offer options such as extended-lead casters to eliminate annoying and potentially damaging caster flutter.

We have towline casters designed to reduce noise on your warehouse floor, and casters compatible with your flooring surface to help limit wear and tear. We also carry maintenance-free and shock absorbing casters to fulfill your business needs. Our towline casters are designed to limit strain on the raceway for enhanced long-term dependability.

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Why Choose RWM Casters?

With more than 80 years of experience, RWM produces top-quality industrial casters, in thousands of configurations, for multiple industries. If your needs are unique—no problem. Our experts can create custom towline casters, tailor-made for your specific application. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and ready to deliver on tight timelines.

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