Updated Results for RWM’s Core Coat Testing

September 25, 2019 in Product Specific

At RWM, we test our products in order to provide superior performance in the most harsh and demanding environments. RWM is constantly taking customer feedback into consideration in hopes of improving our products for all situations. Based on feedback, a need for additional corrosion resistance for heavy duty wheels made itself apparent years ago. As such, RWM developed a coating for Cast Iron & Steel wheel cores which can be applied to any of our urethane or rubber on iron wheel offerings. This coating is known as a “Core Coat”. Back in 2016 we did some field testing to evaluate how an Iron Core with Core Coat wheel matched up against other RWM wheels, this included a Urethane on Iron wheel and Urethane on Aluminum wheel. The experiment took these 3 wheels and left them outdoors with unprotected exposure to the elements for an entire year. As expected the Core Coat being used as a protective coating to prevent corrosion and increase the core of the wheel’s lifespan proved to be more effective than the other wheels with a standard iron wheel coating and even the aluminum wheel. Now it has been 3 years and 8 months since that testing first started – so we decided to re-evaluate the condition of the wheels again. As shown in the images below, after nearly 4 years of outdoor exposure, the Iron Core and Aluminum Core wheels have begun showing more significant corrosion; however, the Core Coat wheel still remains corrosion free after all of this time. This further proves that the Core Coat is the ultimate solution for applications involving extreme outdoor environments with an increased risk of extra corrosion. To learn more about RWM’s Core Coat benefits and offerings feel free to contact us at 800-634-7704 or by emailing customerservice@rwmcasters.com


Original Testing Period: January 2016 to January 2017

Updated Results: September 2019

Wheels pictured from left to right: 8″ x 2″ Iron Core w/Core Coat, 8″ x 2″ Iron Core, 8″ x 2″ Aluminum Core