Our Most Popular Wheels for Food Service Applications

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Food service operations require reliable casters designed for use within challenging environments. At RWM Casters, our systems are designed to withstand the heavy pressures inherent within bakeries, warehouses, restaurants, grocery stores, food processing facilities, slaughterhouses, and more.

They are suitable for use on dollies, light carts, medium carts, heavy carts, conveyor belts, and other equipment.

Our Most Popular Wheels for Food Service Applications

Phenolic Wheels

Phenolic wheels have an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. They are well-suited for stationary loads, and their hard body ensures long-term durability.

Pinnacle Wheels

Made of thermoplastic, pinnacle wheels are non-marking and designed to handle heavy loads. These casters roll easily and are nearly impervious to water, chemicals, solvents, salts, and steam cleaning.

High-Temp Nylon Wheels

High-temperature nylon wheels are built for bakeries, smokehouses, and other facilities where extreme temperatures are part of daily operations.

Cast-Iron Wheels

Cast-iron wheels have extreme weight-bearing capabilities in addition to high-temperature resistance. These are perfect for high-temperature ovens when moving a heavy load.

Forged Steel Wheels

If shock loading is a concern, forged wheels are the answer. These heat-treated casters are designed to function in high-temperature environments with a maximum load capacity that often exceeds 10 tons.

Machined Steel Flanged Wheels

Flanged wheels are designed to roll over debris without picking it up from the track. This makes them ideal for use on production lines and within processing facilities where tissue, grain, and other debris can build up on the floor.

RWM Signature Premium Wheels

Lightweight and reinforced with a nylon core, these high-strength wheels roll easily along. Our Signature Premium wheels are 6 times stronger than polypropylene and will deliver superior floor protection and noise reduction.

Ergo GT Wheels

These industrial GT solid elastomer wheels are ideal for cool environments, including coolers and freezers. They are capable of handling heavy loads and will resist most chemicals found in food handling and food processing environments.

Casters for Food Service

RWM Casters manufactures a wide range of casters that are custom designed for use within food service applications.

Light Carts

Medium Carts

  • 45/46 series: Can also be used on racks, dollies, and equipment
  • 47 series: Can also be used on equipment
  • 48 series: Maintenance-free option ideally suited for light/medium carts, dollies, racks, equipment
  • 58 series: Maintenance-free option best suited for medium-duty carts, dollies, racks, and equipment

Heavy Duty Carts

Casters for Wash Down Environments

The following casters are designed and built to withstand the rigorous conditions inherent to wash-down or chemical environments. This includes food processing facilities, slaughterhouses, poultry production lines, chemical manufacturing facilities, etc. When cleanliness is key, these casters will ensure your carts, dollies, racks, and equipment move freely across the floor.

  • Series 45: Ideal for light-duty applications, including on carts, dollies, racks, and other light food service equipment.
  • Series 65: Ideal for use on ingredient carts, large racks and dollies, cages, machinery, and conveyors.
  • Series 75: Designed for use on trash bins, large ingredient containers, heavy machinery, and line equipment.

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