SA (Shock-Absorbing) Series Casters

Shock Absorbing Casters

RWM Casters proudly manufactures shock-absorbing casters with a heavy-duty, spring-loaded design to provide a cushioned ride when traversing uneven terrain. The shock-absorbing wheels reduce the shock and vibration transferred to the items on the cart, truck, or rack being moved around. If you are transferring sensitive materials or precious cargo, these casters are a great option to keep everything protected, even when traversing the roughest floors and terrains.

Our shock-absorbing swivel casters have load ratings ranging from 100 pounds to 18,000 pounds for nearly any light- to heavy-duty industrial application. With enhanced swiveling action and superior control, these casters are also easy to maneuver, protecting both your cargo and employees from workplace accidents.

RWM Casters proudly manufactures shock-absorbing casters in the U.S. so that you can put your complete confidence in our durable, high-performance casters.