75 Series Casters


RWM Casters invented the Kingpinless design, and you can count on our 75 Series caster when the going gets tough. We’ve designed this caster for challenging applications. The heavy-duty 75 Series comes with a wheel width up to 3 inches, well suited for high capacity functions. These casters provide the ideal mounting system for a variety of wheels from our vast catalog.

Case hardening gives this caster the advantage over the induction- or through-hardening methods used by lesser manufacturers. Case hardening makes our 75 Series caster incredibly resilient and reliable for the long haul, offering superior performance with low risk of cracking. Our casters keep your carts, platform trucks, and tow lines moving, under heavy loads at high speeds.

When you need to move heavy parts, trust RWM Casters for your Kingpinless caster needs. Our 75 Series casters are ready for the heaviest-duty applications! Contact us at 800-634-7704 to order today. 

Raceway DesignPatented Kingpinless™ single ball bearing precision machined raceway hardened to 53 Rockwell C minimum. Swivel section features 3” diameter raceway with ½” ball bearings. The notched raceway is standard.
CapacityUp to 6000 lbs.
Leg Thickness5/16” formed steel
Axle3/4” bolt with lock or slotted nut as required.
FinishLaguna blue powder coat.
WheelsWheels are available with either a 1” roller bearing which rotates on a hardened and ground spanner brushing or ¾” tapered bearings that rotate on the axle. All wheels are equipped with lubricated fitting.
Mounting Plate Size4-1/2”x6-1/2”x5/16”
Bolt Hole Spacing2-7/16”x4-15/16” slotted to 3-3/8”x5-1/4”
Mounting Bolt Diameter1/2”
Aircraft maintenance and support applicationsHeavy-duty industrial applications
Towing applicationsManufacturing applications
Automotive assembly lines

Bearing Selection Guide

CAD Download Instructions


* Add 1/16" OAH when using this top plate
** Add 3/16" OAH when using this top plate
CWBCam Wheel Brake
FICWBInstallable Face Contact Brake
MICWBMetal Installable Cam Wheel Brake
PCWBPoly Cam Wheel Brake
DSLDemountable Swivel Lock
FOSLFoot Operated Swivel Lock
SLSwivel Lock
LSLL-Type Swivel Lock
VSLVertical Swivel Lock
HTHigh Temperature Lubrication
LTLow Temperature Lubrication
FIFGField Installable Foot Guard
FGFoot Guard
TGThread Guards
HTPHigh Temperature Paint
SRSealed Raceway
WSWheel Seals

Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width


Wheel Type

Overall Height

Roller Bearing

Ball Bearing
Tapered Bearing
Swivel Lead

Approx Weight
5″2-1/2″2000Cast Iron6-1/2″75-CIR-0525-S75-CIT-0525-S1-1/8″18
6″2-1/2″540Rubber on Iron7-1/2″75-RIR-0625-S1-5/16″16.5
6″2-1/2″1080Rubber on Iron-EHT7-1/2″75-RIR-0625-S-EHT75-RIT-0625-S-EHT1-5/16″16.5
6″2-1/2″1620Urethane on iron7-1/2″75-UIR-0625-S75-UIT-0625-S1-5/16″16.5
6″2-1/2″1800Cast Iron7-1/2″75-CIR-0625-S75-CIT-0625-S1-5/16″17
6″2-1/2″2500V-Groove Iron7-1/2″75-VIR-0625-S75-VIT-0625-S1-5/16″16.5
6″2-1/2″5000Forged Steel7-1/2″75-FSR-0625-S75-FST-0625-S1-5/16″20.5
6″3″680Rubber on Iron7-1/2″75-RIR-0630-S1-5/16″17.5
6″3″1360Rubber on Iron-EHT7-1/2″75-RIR-0630-S-EHT75-RIT-0630-S-EHT1-5/16″17.5
6″3″2000Urethane on Iron7-1/2″75-UIR-0630-S75-UIT-0630-S1-5/16″17.5
6″3″3000Cast Iron7-1/2″75-CIR-0630-S75-CIT-0630-S1-5/16″18.5
6″3″6000Forged Steel7-1/2″75-FSR-0630-S75-FST-0630-S1-5/16″31
6″3″6000Nylatron HD7-1/2″75-NYB-0630-S1-5/16″12.5
6″3″6000V-Groove Forged7-1/2″75-VFR-0630-S75-VFT-0630-S1-5/16″30
8″2-1/2″670Rubber on Iron10-1/8″75-RIR-0825-S2″18.5
8″2-1/2″1340Rubber on Iron-EHT10-1/8″75-RIR-0825-S-EHT75-RIT-0825-S-EHT2″18.5
8″2-1/2″1800Urethane onIron10-1/8″75-UIR-0825-S75-UIT-0825-S2″18.5
8″2-1/2″2000Cast Iron10-1/8″75-CIR-0825-S75-CIT-0825-S2″23
8″2-1/2″3000V-Groove Iron10-1/8″75-VIR-0825-S75-VIT-0825-S2″27
8″2-1/2″4500Forged Steel10-1/8″75-FSR-0825-S75-FST-0825-S2″25.5
8″3″840Rubber on Iron10-1/8″75-RIR-0830-S2″19.5
8″3″1500Rubber on Aluminum-EHT10-1/8″75-RAB-0830-S-EHT75-RAT-0830-S-EHT2″14
8″3″1680Rubber on Iron-EHT10-1/8″75-RIR-0830-S-EHT75-RIT-0830-S-EHT2″19.5
8″3″2500Urethane on Iron10-1/8″75-UIR-0830-S75-UIT-0830-S2″19.5
8″3″3000Cast Iron10-1/8″75-CIR-0830-S75-CIT-0830-S2″26
8″3″5000V-Groove Iron10-1/8″75-VIR-0830-S75-VIT-0830-S2″26
8″3″5500Forged Steel10-1/8″75-FSR-0830-S75-FST-0830-S2″26
8″3″6000Nylatron HD10-1/8″75-NYB-0830-S2″16
8″3″6000V-Groove Forged10-1/8″75-VFR-0830-S75-VFT-0830-S2″36
10″2-1/2″790Rubber on Iron11-1/2″75-RIR-1025-S2-3/16″21.5
10″2-1/2″1580Rubber on Iron-EHT11-1/2″75-RIR-1025-S-EHT75-RIT-1025-S-EHT2-3/16″21.5
10″2-1/2″2370Urethane on Iron11-1/2″75-UIR-1025-S75-UIT-1025-S2-3/16″21.5
10″2-1/2″2500Cast Iron11-1/2″75-CIR-1025-S75-CIT-1025-S2-3/16″25.5
10″3″1000Rubber on Iron11-1/2″75-RIR-1030-S2-3/16″22.5
10″3″2000Rubber on Iron-EHT11-1/2″75-RIR-1030-S-EHT75-RIT-1030-S-EHT2-3/16″22.5
10″3″2000Rubber on Aluminum-EHT11-1/2″75-RAB-1030-S-EHT75-RAT-1030-S-EHT2-3/16″20.3
10″3″3000Urethane on Iron11-1/2″75-UIR-1030-S75-UIT-1030-S2-3/16″22.5
10″3″3400Ultra Thick Urethane11-1/2″75-UTR-1030-S75-UTT-1030-S2-3/16″25
10″3″4000Cast Iron11-1/2″75-CIR-1030-S75-CIT-1030-S2-3/16″23
10″3″5000V-Groove Iron11-1/2″75-VIR-1030-S75-VIT-1030-S2-3/16″23
10″3″6000Forged Steel11-1/2″75-FSR-1030-S75-FST-1030-S2-3/16″41
10″3″6000Nylatron HD11-1/2″75-NYB-1030-S2-3/16″21
10″3″6000V-Groove Forged11-1/2″75-VFR-1030-S75-VFT-1030-S2-3/16″48
12″2-1/2″900Rubber on Iron13-1/2″75-RIR-1225-S2-5/8″23.5
12″2-1/2″2700Urethane on Iron13-1/2″75-UIR-1225-S75-UIT-1225-S2-5/8″23.5
12″3″1140Rubber on Iron13-1/2″75-RIR-1230-S75-RIT-1230-S2-5/8″26.5
12″3″2280Rubber on Aluminum-EHT13-1/2″75-RAB-1230-S-EHT75-RAT-1230-S-EHT2-5/8″24.5
12″3″2280Rubber on Iron-EHT13-1/2″75-RIR-1230-S-EHT75-RIT-1230-S-EHT2-5/8″26.5
12″3″3400Urethane on Iron13-1/2″75-UIR-1230-S75-UIT-1230-S2-5/8″26.5
12″3″4100Ultra Thick Urethane13-1/2″75-UTR-1230-S75-UTT-1230-S2-5/8″28
12″3″5000Cast Iron13-1/2″75-CIR-1230-S75-CIT-1230-S2-5/8″32
12″3″6000V-Groove Iron13-1/2″75-VIR-1230-S75-VIT-1230-S2-5/8″43

For a rigid caster, change the “S” to “R” in the model number. For example, “47-UPB-0520-R.” To order rig only, omit the blue letters. For example, “47-0520-S.” For approximate weight of a rigid caster, deduct .7 pounds. Dimensions shown are nominal. If precise dimensions are required, please consult your RWM representative.

Caster Quality Is in the Details

Our patented Kingpinless™ single ball bearing design is precisely machined and raceway hardened to 53 Rockwell C minimum. With a standard notched raceway, the swivel section offers a 3” diameter raceway and ½-inch ball bearings.

Choose wheels with a 1-inch roller bearing, rotating on a hardened and ground spanner bushing, or opt for ¾-inch tapered bearings rotating on the axle. All wheels come with lubricated fittings, ready to perform out of the box. The best brands in these demanding industries trust RWM Casters:

  • Automotive assembly lines
  • Heavy industry
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Towing applications
  • And more

If you’re not sure exactly which caster is right for your application, we are ready to help!

Go straight to the source for your Kingpinless caster needs. For heavy-duty applications, choose the 75 Series! Contact RWM Casters at 800-634-7704 and place your order today.

Why Buy From RWM?

At RWM, we understand your need to minimize downtime for smooth business operations. All our heavy-duty casters are appropriately lubricated and inspected before being shipped to you. Upon receipt, they’re ready for your immediate use with little maintenance needed.

To offer you maximum responsiveness, minimal turnaround time, and ultimate flexibility, we stock a huge inventory of high-quality caster components. This means that we’re always able to custom manufacture casters to your precise specs. Go straight to the source, and purchase your casters from the inventor of the patented Kingpinless caster—RWM.

When you need a heavy-duty Kingpinless caster, choose the 75 Series from RWM Casters! Contact RWM online today or call us at 800-634-7704.