VersaTrac 27® Series Casters


The VersaTrac 27® Series Casters provide solutions to a wide range of institutional caster and industrial caster wheel applications. This light- to medium-duty caster is available in multiple styles and sizes. It is offered in numerous top plates and stem choices and is available with nine standard wheel combinations. The VersaTrac 27® Series Caster is a durable and reliable caster featuring extra thick material in the top plate, yoke and raceways. The VersaTrac 27® Caster is heat treated for extended service life and comes standard with a metal dust shield. This light- to medium-duty caster series provides the ultimate in value at very competitive prices.

Swivel SectionTwo complete 2.75 mm shielded heat treated raceways, which prevents brinelling, provides improved swivel action and extends service life.
Kingpin1/2” diameter kingpin for increased swivel strength
CapacityUp to 300 lbs.
Axle3/8” diameter with lock nut
FinishZinc plated to protect against corrosion
WheelsA wide variety of 3” through 5” diameter available with either roller, ball, celcon, oilite or plain bearings
Mounting Plate SizeSwivel: 3.5 mm x 2-5/8” x 3-3/4”

Rigid: 2.75 mm x 2-5/8” x 3-3/4”

Bolt Hole Spacing1-3/4” x 2-7/8”
Mounting Bolt Diameter5/16”
General industryBins and cases
Medical equipmentRacks and tables
LaboratoryCommercial appliances
ResidentialRetail fixtures
Industrial caster and manufacturing applicationsDisplay stands
Food service and processing equipmentBusiness machines and equipment
Carts and dollies

Bearing Selection Guide


ICWBField Installable Face Contact Brake*
TLBTotal Lock Brake*
WBSide Wheel Brake*
TGThread Guard

*Brakes available for swivel casters only.

Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width

Wheel Type


Overall Height

Roller Bearing

Ball Bearing

Plain Bearing

Swivel Lead

Approx Weight
3″1-1/4″Soft Rubber1504-1/4″27-SRO-0312-S1-1/4″1.8
3″1-1/4″Performance TPR1904-1/4″27-RPB-0312-S27-RPC-0312-S1-1/4″1.7
3″1-1/4″Urethane Polypropylene2254-1/4″27-UPB-0312-S27-UPC-0312-S1-1/4″1.8
3″1-1/4″Hard Rubber2504-1/4″27-HRO-0312-S1-1/4″1.8
3″1-1/4″Cast Iron3004-1/4″27-CIP-0312-S1-1/4″2.8
3″1-1/4″High-Temp. Nylon3004-1/4″27-HNP-0312-S1-1/4″1.7
3-1/2″1-1/4″Soft Rubber1504-3/4″27-SRO-3512-S1-5/16″2
3-1/2″1-1/4″Performance TPR2004-3/4″27-RPB-3512-R27-RPC-3512-S1-5/16″1.9
3-1/2″1-1/4″Hard Rubber2504-3/4″27-HRO-3512-S1-5/16″2
3-1/2″1-1/4″Urethane Polypropylene2504-3/4″27-UPB-3512-S27-UPC-3512-S1-5/16″2
4″1-1/4″Soft Rubber1805-1/4″27-SRO-0412-S1-5/16″2.2
4″1-1/4″Elastic Rubber2505-1/4″27-EPR-0412-S1-5/16″2
4″1-1/4″Hard Rubber2605-1/4″27-HRO-0412-S1-5/16″2.2
4″1-1/4″Performance TPR2755-1/4″27-RPB-0412-S27-RPC-0412-S1-5/16″1.9
4″1-1/4″Urethane Polypropylene2755-1/4″27-UPB-0412-S27-UPC-0412-S1-5/16″2
4″1-1/4″Cast Iron3005-1/4″27-CIP-0412-S1-5/16″3.3
4″1-1/4″High-Temp. Nylon3005-1/4″27-HNP-0412-S1-5/16″1.8
5″1-1/4″Soft Rubber2006-5/16″27-SRO-0512-S1-5/16″2.7
5″1-1/4″Hard Rubber2806-5/16″27-HRO-0512-S1-5/16″2.7
5″1-1/4″Cast Iron3006-5/16″27-CIP-0512-S1-5/16″3.9
5″1-1/4″Elastic Rubber3006-5/16″27-EPR-0512-S1-5/16″2.2
5″1-1/4″High-Temp. Nylon3006-5/16″27-HNP-0512-S1-5/16″2
5″1-1/4″Performance TPR3006-5/16″27-RPB-0512-S27-RPC-0512-S1-5/16″2.1
5″1-1/4″Urethane Polypropylene3006-5/16″27-UPB-0512-S27-UPC-0512-S1-5/16″2.2

To order a rigid caster, change the “S” to “R” in the model number. For example, 27-UPB-0512-R. To order the rig only, omit the bold letters, for example 27-0512-S. Note: (1.) For weight of Total Lock Caster add .24 pounds. (2.) For weight of Rigid Caster deduct .7 pounds. (3.) Total Lock Wheel Brake should not be used on hard wheels.  For best performance, use only on soft wheel material. Dimensions shown are nominal. If precise dimensions are required, please consult the factory. Many stems and hollow kingpin sizes are available. Contact factory for more information.

Benefits of VersaTrac 27® Series Casters

This industry-leading light-duty caster has a wide range of uses and beneficial aspects, most notably its versatility in uses, styles, available sizes, and economical value. It also has an optimal service life due to its heat treatment and metal dust shield.

Uses for RWM Casters’ VersaTrac 27® Series Light-Duty Caster

Selecting the proper wheel and caster is crucial to efficiently and effectively completing certain jobs. Without the correct features, your casters could suffer damage or lack the necessary safety required. To avoid the pitfalls of improper caster selection, we always aim to work with our customers closely to ensure they are making the right selection for the specifications of their intended application.

RWM Casters’ VersaTrac 27® Series Caster is a popular choice for the following applications:

  • General industry
  • Medical equipment transport
  • Laboratory transport
  • Residential applications
  • Industrial caster and manufacturing uses
  • Food service and processing
  • Carts and dollies
  • Bins and cases
  • Racks and tables
  • Commercial appliances
  • Retail fixtures
  • Display stands
  • Business machines and equipment

If these light-duty casters don’t meet your unique specifications or needs, consider our custom solution offerings. RWM now offers a computer-aided design (CAD) tool that allows you to download and receive CAD files for your specific needs. The configurator is free to use, and the designs you create are available for immediate download.

Choose RWM for High-Quality Light-Duty Casters

We have been engineering quality casters and wheels since 1935, with some of our patented designs dating back to the 1970s. Through the years we have continued to provide our customers with innovative solutions to their everyday caster needs. We are recognized as the market leader for industrial casters, wheels, and other material handling solutions, and we are committed to helping you find the perfect solution for your specific application.

For additional wheel selections, application insights, and customization options, call our team today at 866-254-1110 or reach out online