Parts & Accessories

The links below provide more information for our caster and wheel replacement parts. Our brake options include a variety of wheel brake options that are available on our swivel and rigid casters. RWM Casters offers two types of floor locks that prevent portable equipment from shifting when in a locked position.

We offer four types of swivel locks including our demountable swivel lock, the passive swivel lock, the heavy-duty threaded swivel lock, and a foot-operated swivel lock.

Our heavy-duty turntable swivel options incorporate our Kingpinless™ swivel design into each turntable swivel section. Our replacement parts page shows roller bearings, axle and nut assemblies, flanged ball bearings, spanner bushings, and thrust washers.

Brake Options

A caster brake is designed and utilized to lock the rotation of a wheel. Our light- to heavy-duty braking options come in nylon and metal varieties, and they can lock both wheel and swivel action to keep loads fixed in even the most abusive conditions and applications.

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Swivel Locks

A swivel lock mechanism is utilized with a swivel caster to lock its rotation so that it can only travel in a certain direction while engaged. Our swivel locks can be used for more demanding medium- to heavy-duty applications, such as aerospace ground support or heavy assembly plant floors.

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Floor Locks

Floor locks are used in conjunction with casters for lighter applications where an object needs to be locked in position and prevented from moving with a single action. Our adjustable floor lock casters come in various sizes and are operated via a pedal.

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Turntables are swivel bearings built around RWM’s industrial caster raceways, which allow heavy loads to be rotated freely. Every lockable turntable is built to take continuous punishment from the toughest industrial applications. They are ideal for workstations, weld tables, and more.

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Field Installable Foot Guards

Foot Guards or Toe Guards can provide a significant boost in facility safety by drawing attention to potentially dangerous rolling hazards and ensuring workers’ feet stay out of the path of casters & wheels. Available both as field installable units or as an option built into the caster direct from the factory.

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