Hard Rubber Wheels


RWM Caster’s hard rubber wheels offer good floor protection, are quieter than steel wheels, and are strong and chip resistant. Hard rubber wheels require minimal maintenance and are not at risk of damage from punctures or debris, making them an optimal choice for a variety of applications that require ease of movement under heavy weight-bearing loads.

Benefits of RWM Hard Rubber Wheels

Consider the benefits of RWM’s high-quality hard rubber wheels for strong, chip-resistant towing and other indoor applications.

Easy rolling capabilities: Best suited for indoor use on smooth surfaces, our hard rubber wheels offer optimal rolling capabilities and ease of use, as well as enhanced floor protection.

Durability: RWM’s hard rubber wheels provide smooth transport and elevated shock-resistance to prevent damage to equipment being towed. Hard rubber wheels are resistant to most chemicals, oils, grease, solvents, and cleaning products.

Low Maintenance: Our hard rubber wheels are virtually maintenance free and capable of withstanding punctures and debris while remaining completely operational. Since hard rubber wheels cannot go flat, they only need to be replaced when they become worn or damaged over time.

Versatility: Hard rubber wheels are a popular choice for weight-bearing applications that require easy start-up and roll ability, such as automobile and aircraft manufacturing or transport. They also function particularly well in environments where the terrain could pose puncture or debris hazards as they will not go flat.

To learn more about the lasting benefits of hard rubber wheels for your application or to place an order, contact RWM Casters online or call us at 800-634-7704 today. 

Uses for Hard Rubber Wheels

  • Bakery equipment
  • Carts
  • Dollies
  • Hospitals
  • General manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Food service equipment
  • Furniture transport
  • Platform trucks
  • Industrial applications
  • Refrigeration unit
  • Vending machines
  • Warehouse transport
  • Waste management​

If our standard products don’t meet your particular specifications, consider a custom solution. RWM offers a computer-aided design (CAD) tool that allows you to download and receive CAD files for wheels configured to your specific application. This is design tool is free to use, and the designs you create are available for immediate download.

Choose RWM Hard Rubber Wheels for Your Industry’s Application

No matter which wheels, casters, or other material handling solutions you order from us, you can count on exceptional quality control and an emphasis on customer service. We are recognized as the market leader for industrial casters and can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

For additional caster and wheel options, application insights, and customization options, please contact RWM today at 800-634-7704.



Wheel Bearings Oilite bearings
Durometer 70-75D
Temperature Range -30°F to 160°F

RWM Caster’s Hard Rubber Wheels are used where low cost, easy rolling wheels are required.

Bearing Selection Guide


DC Dust Cover
SI Spanner Included

Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width


Axle Diameter

Oilite Bearing

Hub Length

Approx Weight
3″ 1-1/4″ 250 5/16″ HRO-0312-05-SI 1-1/2″ 0.8
3″ 1-1/4″ 250 3/8″ HRO-0312-06 1-1/2” 0.8
3-1/2″ 1-1/4″ 250 5/16″ HRO-3512-05 1-1/2″ 1
3-1/2″ 1-1/4″ 250 3/8″ HRO-3512-06 1-1/2” 1
4″ 1-1/4″ 260 5/16″ HRO-0412-05 1-1/2″ 1.2
4″ 1-1/4″ 260 3/8″ HRO-0412-06 1-1/2” 1.2