RWM Signature Premium™ Wheels


The RWM Casters Signature™ Premium Wheel has a lightweight, reinforced nylon core with a high strength non-marking elastomeric rubber tread. The round tread provides easy rolling. Our durable nylon core is six times stronger than polypropylene. The performance rubber tread is cut, tear and corrosion resistant and will not chunk out. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio than any other wheel in the industry. The Signature™ Premium Wheel is excellent for floor protection, continuous towing and noise reduction.

Wheel Bearings Choice of straight roller or precision ball bearing
Temperature Range -40° to 200°F
Hardness 70 Shore A
Bores 1.190
Platform carts Food services
Material handling carts Drywall carts
Warehouse and factory applications Assembly line dollies

Bearing Selection Guide


Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width


Axle Diameter

Roller Bearing

Ball Bearing

Hub Length

Approx Weight
3.5” 1.25” 225 3/8” SWB-3512-06 1-5/8” .6
4” 1.25” 250 3/8” SWB-0412-06 1-5/8” .7
4” 2” 400 1/2” SWR-0420-08 SWB-0420-08 2-7/16” 1.3
5” 1.25” 250 3/8” SWB-0512-06 1-5/8” 1
5” 2” 500 1/2” SWR-0520-08 SWB-0520-08 2-7/16” 1.5
6” 1.25” 300 3/8” SWB-0612-06 1-5/8” 1.5
6” 2” 600 1/2” SWR-0620-08 SWB-0620-08 2-7/16” 2.0
8” 2” 700 1/2” SWR-0820-08 SWB-0820-08 2-7/16” 2.8

Benefits of RWM Signature Premium™ Wheels

The RWM Signature Premium™ Wheel was engineered to have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any wheel in the industry. Its nylon core and rubber tread allow for superb noise reduction and floor protection. These premium wheels are uniquely suited for a broad range of commercial and industrial use. They come in numerous sizes, colors, and configurations – and are completely customizable to fulfill your specific needs.

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Uses for Signature Premium™ Wheels

If your industry relies on trolleys, dollies, carts, rolling racks, and other transport devices, our customizable Signature Premium™ Wheels were created for your benefit. Some industries that depend on quality wheels for their daily operations include:

  • Food services
  • Laundromats & cleaners
  • Supermarkets
  • Offices
  • Warehouses & manufacturing
  • Materials handling

Choose RWM Signature Premium™ Wheels

All of our RWM Signature Premium™ Wheels are fully customizable and consistently set the standard for shock absorbency, noise reduction, durability, and floor protection. If you are searching for wheel solutions in your industry, look no further than RWM Casters for premium wheels at an affordable price.

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