Solid Urethane

MU Wheels

When you want smooth rolling and silent operation, you need RWM’s Solid Urethane Wheels. Our non-marking wheels are engineered to resist grease, oil, chemicals, and moisture. Strong and durable, they will deliver superior performance and are designed to resist chunking, cutting, and abrasive wear. These features and qualities make our solid urethane MU wheels ideal for a wide range of applications and operational environments.

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Applications for Solid Urethane MU Wheels

Our Solid Urethane Wheels are ideal for use within automotive plants, towline applications, and more. They are also perfect for warehouses, data centers, and other facilities where noise reduction is crucial.

These wheels can be used in hospitals and healthcare facilities where floor protection is a premium value. And, each Solid Urethane MU Wheel can be used in applications where the movement of heavy loads and continuous use can wear out and degrade standard poly wheels.

RWM’s Solid Urethane Wheels can be paired with the following series of rigs to create durable, long-lasting casters: 45, 46, 47, 48, 52, 58, 65, 68, 70, 75, 76.

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Choose RWM for Your Business

RWM Casters invests heavily in research and development. We may not have invented the wheel, but we are always searching for innovative ways to improve the wheel’s operation, effectiveness, versatility, durability, and reliability. So when you need wheels you can depend on, you can always rely on the team at RWM to deliver a custom-designed and engineered solution for your specific needs.

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Wheel Bearings Available with Sealed Precision Ball Bearings only
Temperature Range -40°F to 180°F
Hub Length Can be shortened or lengthened to order
Hardness MU wheel is 70 durometer Shore D
Automotive plants and towline applications
Applications needing lower noise levels
Applications needing improved floor protection
Applications where heavy loads and continuous use cause standard poly wheels to heat up and degrade

Bearing Selection Guide

Solid Urethane Wheels

TG Thread Guard on 2″ wheels
WS Wheel Seals

Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width


Axle Diameter

Sealed Precision Ball Bearing

Hub Length

Approx Weight
4″ 2″ 700 1/2″ MUB-0420-08 2-3/16″ 1.6
5″ 2″ 1000 1/2″ MUB-0520-08 2-3/16″ 1.7
6″ 2″ 1200 1/2″ MUB-0620-08 2-3/16″ 1.8
6″ 3″ 2000 3/4″ MUB-0630-12 3-1/2″ 5
 8″  3″ 2000 1″ MUB-0630-16 3-1/2″ 5
8″ 2″ 1500 1/2″ MUB-0820-08 2-7/16″ 2.9
8″ 3″ 2500 3/4″ MUB-0830-12 3-1/2″ 7
 8″  3″ 2500 1″ MUB-0830-16 3-1/2″ 7
10″ 3″ 3000 3/4″ MUB-1030-12 3-1/2″ 10
10″  3″ 3000 1″ MUB-1030-16 3-1/2″ 10