Torus Wheels


Searching for the right wheels for your industrial or manufacturing application? The Torus Wheel™ could be right for your needs. Learn more about this option from RWM Casters to see if it suits the application you have in mind.

Wheel Bearings Sealed precision bearing
Temperature Range -40° to +180°F
Hardness Standard 92 Shore A (Blue)
Optional 85 Shore A (Red)
Optional 70 Shore D (Black)

The Torus Wheel™ is an exceptional wheel for continuous towline applications. It was developed specifically for automotive manufacturing assembly lines. This wheel offers excellent floor protection and noise reduction, and it is able to roll over small debris.

Reduce your push/pull requirements and improve ergonomics with the RWM Torus wheel. Contact RWM about test data and additional information for your application at 800-634-7704.

Bearing Selection Guide


Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width


Axle Diameter

Sealed Precision Ball Bearing

Hub Length

Approx Weight
4” 2” 700 1/2” UAB-0421-08-92A 2-7/16” 1.5
5” 2” 1050 1/2” UAB-0521-08-92A 2-7/16” 2.4
6″ 2″ 1230 1/2″ UAB-0621-08-92A 2-7/16″ 3.1
8” 2” 1000 1/2” UAB-0821-08-85A 2-7/16” 4.7
8” 2” 1000 1/2” UAB-0821-08-70D 2-7/16” 4.7
8” 2” 1500 1/2” UAB-0821-08-92A 2-7/16” 4.7

What Is a Torus Wheel?

Toroidal wheels, trademarked as Torus wheels, feature rounded tread and sealed precision ball bearings to provide easy turning under heavy loads. The tread is made from premium PTMEG urethane, a superior product to typical PPG urethane that other manufacturers use. With a higher tensile strength, elongation and break ratings, and other high-quality classifications, PTMEG is the preferred polyurethane for industrial wheels.

The Torus wheel also features a sturdy aluminum core, which serves as a lighter alternative to cast iron. The tread is chemically and mechanically bonded to the metal core to prevent tread separation. This ensures the longest possible service life from your Torus wheels, even in the most demanding, continuous use applications.

RWM offers four types of Torus wheels:

  • Blue 92A measures 92 on the Shore-A Hardness Scale for long-lasting durability.
  • Red 85A has slightly softer tread for improved noise reduction and dampening when these qualities are desirable.
  • Grey 85A features an electrostatic dissipative (ESD) compound for use with sensitive electronics and other loads that could be damaged by static buildup.
  • Black 70D measures 70 on the Shore-D Hardness Scale, making it the firmest tread option of all for maximum ergonomic benefit.

These tread styles are available in wheel sizes ranging from 4 to 8 inches to meet a variety of needs.

Applications for Torus Wheels

The original Torus application was on automotive manufacturing assembly lines, but Torus wheels are highly suited for any continuous towline application across various industries, including aerospace, marine, foundry, military, molding, and others. Torus wheels are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 180 degrees F. Load capacities range from 700 to 1500 lbs, depending on the wheel size.

Benefits of Torus Wheels

When comparing industrial wheel options, you may determine that Torus wheels are right for your application if the following benefits are important to you:

  • Easy turning under heavy loads
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Optimal ergonomics
  • No de-bonding
  • No flat spotting
  • Excellent floor protection
  • Noise reduction
  • Enhanced rollability, even over small debris
  • Reduced push-pull requirements

Choose RWM Casters for Replacement Torus Wheels

For the past 80+ years, RWM has mastered the process of producing the world’s strongest, most durable polyurethane and metal Torus wheels. We work closely with our customers to make sure our products meet the application at hand. We offer numerous standard Torus wheel options in several styles and sizes, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we would be happy to custom fabricate the ideal solution for your needs.

For test data and additional information about choosing the right Torus wheels for your application, please contact RWM Casters at 800-634-7704.