Torus Wheel™


The Torus Wheel™ offers a rounded tread that provides easy turning under heavy loads. The Torus Wheel™ features our premium PTMEG urethane tread, 92 on the Shore-A scale that is mechanically and chemically bonded to a light-weight sturdy aluminum core. The Torus Wheel™ is non-marking to plant floors. This prevents tread separation and ensures maximum service life especially in demanding continuous use applications. The Torus Wheel™ has an aluminum core that provides a lightweight, long-lasting attractive alternative to cast iron.

Wheel Bearings Sealed precision bearing
Temperature Range -40°to +180°F
Hardness Standard 92 Shore A (Blue)
Optional 8” 85 Shore A (Red)
Optional 8” 70 Shore D (Black)

The Torus Wheel™ is an exceptional wheel for continuous towline applications. It was developed specifically for automotive manufacturing assembly lines. This wheel offers excellent floor protection, noise reduction and is able to roll over small debris.

Reduce your push/pull requirements and improve ergonomics with the RWM Torus wheel. Contact RWM about test data and additional information for your application at 800-634-7704.

Bearing Selection Guide


Wheel Diameter

Wheel Width


Axle Diameter

Sealed Precision Ball Bearing

Hub Length

Approx Weight
4” 2” 700 1/2” UAB-0421-08-92A 2-7/16” 1.5
5” 2” 1050 1/2” UAB-0521-08-92A 2-7/16” 2.4
6″ 2″ 1230 1/2″ UAB-0621-08-92A 2-7/16″ 3.1
8” 2” 1000 1/2” UAB-0821-08-85A 2-7/16” 4.7
8” 2” 1000 1/2” UAB-0821-08-70D 2-7/16” 4.7
8” 2” 1500 1/2” UAB-0821-08-92A 2-7/16” 4.7