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               2-65 Series (Up to 2,000 lbs.)

                                    RWM’s 2-65 Series Kingpinless™ Dual Wheel Casters feature all of the
                                    benefits of our patented raceway. There are different options of wheels
                                    that can be applied to the 2-65 Series dual casters depending on the

               2-76 Series (Up to 7,000 lbs.)

                                    The 2-76 Kingpinless™ Dual Wheel Caster offers high weight capacity
                                    with minimal overall heights, better load distribution, floor protection
                                    and mobility.

               2-95 Series (Up to 20,000 lbs.)

                                    The 2-95 Series offers the benefits of the patented Kingpinless™ raceway
                                    design. Dual Wheel Casters are ideal for tow lines, shock load applications
                                    and abusive conditions in addition to having twice the weight capacity of
                                    the single wheel casters of the same series.

               2-125 Series (Up to 40,000 lbs.)

                                    The Kingpinless™ 2-125 Series is the biggest Dual Wheel Caster. It can
                                    withstand loads up to 40,000 lbs. These casters can be used for aerospace,
                                    heavy machinery and equipment, air cargo and ground support equipment
                                    just to name a few. They can handle extra heavy duty applications easily.
                                    Designs for higher capacity and special applications are available.

               Shock Absorbing Series (Up to 18,000 lbs.)

                                    RWM’s SA Shock Absorbing Casters reduce the stress placed on wheels
                                    and rigs due to the spring mounts on the rig. These spring mounts isolate
                                    shock and vibration from rough surfaces to protect equipment. The Shock
                                    Absorbing Casters feature either vertical mount springs, outside mount
                                    springs or inside mount springs. Custom designs are available.

               Pneumatic Caster (Up to 7,260 lbs.)

                                    RWM’s Pneumatic Casters are designed for applications that require a
                                    cushioned ride including carts and trucks carrying sensitive material and
                                    parts. Pneumatic casters are also useful on uneven floors and outdoor
                                    environments. Pneumatic Casters can be 65, 76, 95, or 125 Series with a
                                    variety of mounting plates, heights and designs.

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