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        Forged Steel (Up to 20,000 lbs.)

        RWM manufactures these wheels by hot forging them from medium car-
        bon steel providing maximum strength and durability. RWM Forged Steel
        wheels are virtually indestructible within their capacity range. RWM Forged
        Steel wheels can be used in the roughest, most demanding, abusive appli-
        cations on the poorest floors under the heaviest loads.

        Omega (Up to 2,000 lbs.)

        The Omega wheel is developed for towline caster applications within
        manufacturing plants to provide noise reduction and shock absorbing
        capabilities through a special web/spoke design. The Omega can travel
        smoothly over rough surfaces and objects effortlessly. The Omega wheel
        will provide longer service life, reduce maintenance cost, reduce noise and
        can carry loads at high speeds smoothly.

        Urethane on Aluminum (Up to 1,500 lbs.)

        The Urethane on Aluminum wheels roll easier and outlast rubber wheels.
        The aluminum core will not rust, but can corrode when exposed to certain
        cleaners and solvents. However, these wheels offer outstanding abra-
        sion resistance, oil, and chemical resistance. In addition, these wheels are
        non-marking and protects floors.

        Urethane on Iron (Up to 9,000 lbs.)

        RWM’s Urethane on Iron wheels have an iron core that is a heavy duty sol-
        id web design with an oversized hub, enabling it to be machined for special
        bearings or a keyway. They will outlast rubber wheels. In addition, these
        wheels are non-marking to floors and provide a quiet ride compared to
        hard tread or steel wheels.

        Ultra Thick Urethane (Up to 10,300 lbs.)

        The Ultra Thick Urethane wheel’s thick tread reduces contact stresses in the
        polyurethane during high loading and towing. Ultra Thick Urethane wheels
        provide a softer ride and quiet operation due to the thickness of the tread
        and are good for towing applications. The urethane tread is non-marking to
        floors and resistant to abrasion and most chemicals.
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