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When it comes to the automotive industry, efficiency and productivity are key. Keeping
            assembly lines running and minimizing downtime due to caster and wheel repair or re-
            placement can vastly improve plant efficiency, productivity and ultimately your bottom
            line. RWM Casters has many casters and wheels designed and tested exclusively with the
            automotive industry in mind. Our products are proven to take more abuse and outperform
            the competition and still provide the optimum performance for heavy duty industrial auto-
            motive industry. This means they are the most ergonomic products on the market. Some of
            the most popular automotive series include: the 48 Freedom Series, the 65 Series, and the
            68 Freedom Series.

              48 FREEDOM SERIES

                                The 48 Series swivel section is sealed for life, making it completely maintenance free.
                                It is capable of all radial and thrust loads and offers ultra-quiet operation. This caster is
                                ergonomically designed for reducing noise and easy movement. The 48 Series is available
                                with a variety of top plates, wheel sizes, and wheel and brake options. The 48 series is
                                a medium duty caster that is Made in the USA!

                                    65 SERIES

RWM Casters 65 Series industrial casters feature the original patented Kingpinless™
caster design. It has proven to be one of the best solutions for demanding applica-
tions such as automotive towlines, assembly lines and various heavy duty industrial
applications. The US manufactured Kingpinless™ design provides smooth swiveling
action, longer service life, less maintenance, extra impact resistance to keep things

              68 FREEDOM SERIES

                                The Freedom 68 Series industrial casters feature an ultra-quiet design that eliminates swivel
                                chatter for silent and smooth operation. It is totally maintenance free, US made and requires
                                no lubrication. It also offers up to 2,500 pound capacity. A few of the applications for the 68
                                Series include: towlines, assembly plants, towline fixtures and key ergonomic applications.
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