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HEAVY DUTY  Poly Cam Wheel Brake (PCWB)

            The PCWB is meant for the heaviest of use. An adjustable pad compresses
            against a non-skid metal preventing the wheel from rotating. Adjustments can be
            made to increase or decrease the pressure applied to the wheel and compensate
            for wear of wheel over time. Excellent brake for the heaviest aerospace, military,
            custom and heavy duty applications.

            Cam Wheel Brake (CWB)

            The Cam Wheel Brake depresses the pedal to engage a non-skid pad against the
            wheel. The brake can be deactivated by moving the foot pedal in the opposite
            direction. The CWB is the go to brake for the majority of 3” wide casters. This
            brake is best for general applications including carts, tooling fixtures, paint and
            assembly lines.

            Field Installable Cam Wheel Brake (FICWB)

            This brake is a field installable version of the CWB. The FICWB fits the 75 & 76
            Series and is available for roller, ball and tapered bearings on 6”, 8”, 10” & 12”

            Face Contact Wheel Brake (FCWB)

            The brake shoe compresses against the face of the wheel by turning a T-handle
            screw. The FCWB is used primarily on pneumatic casters. This brake offers the
            most adjustment, but is not as easy to use as other options.

            Field Installable Face Contact Brake (ICWB)

            The ICWB is one of the best brakes for 2” wide wheels in the industry. The
            pedal rotates a metal pad which locks the wheel in place. The ICWB is a great
            fit for medium duty casters, especially Kingpinless. This brake will function
            with swivel locks. Recommended upgrade over most other 2” brake options.

            Metal Installable Face Contact Brake (MICWB)

            The MICWB features an aluminum pedal. The pedal rotates a metal pad which
            locks the wheel in place. The MICWB is a great option for 2” wide medium duty
            casters, especially Kingpinless. The MICWB is an excellent upgrade over the ICWB
            brake for more demanding applications and when higher temperatures are
            involved. This brake functions with swivel locks.

            Field Installable Wrap Around Side Brake

            This brake operates mechanically similar to the side wheel brake, but is operable
            from more locations. This brake fits 2” wide wheels only.
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