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As a leading U.S. manufac-   KINGPINLESS CASTERS
turer of industrial casters
as well as being the                      65 Series (Up to 2,000 lbs.)
originator and market
leader in Kingpinless                                     The Kingpinless™ 65 Series Caster is a me-
casters, RWM Casters                                      dium-duty design suited for demanding
primary mission is to                                     applications such as towlines, assembly
continue developing and                                   lines, tooling, ground support and various
manufacturing high value                                  heavy duty industrial applications. It extends
products, including those                                 service life and reduces possible causes for
products capable of                                       caster failure. Custom designs are available
enduring heavy usage in                                   and CAD can be found on our website.
the aerospace industry.
                                          76 Series (Up to 7,000 lbs.)
RWM is proud to be one
of the largest domestic                                     The Kingpinless™ 76 Series Caster is excel-
manufacturers of heavy                                      lent for heavy duty applications. It offers up
duty industrial caster and                                  to 7000 lbs. capacity. It is a great option for
wheel products. At RWM                                      towing operations, assembly, larger tool-
the engineering is complex,                                 ing, ground support and, heavy-duty appli-
but the goal is simple:                                     cations that demand a superior product.
to build unsurpassed                                        Custom designs are available and CAD can
performance, unmatched                                      be found on our website.
durability, unequaled
longevity and unerring                    95 Series (Up to 20,000 lbs.)
applicability... into every
product we make.                                            RWM’s Kingpinless™ 95 Series Caster is
                                                            designed for demanding situations.
                                                            The 95 Series offers a capacity of up to
                                                            20,000 pounds with a wide variety of heavy
                                                            duty wheels to maximize capacity. Some
                                                            applications for the 95 Series include dol-
                                                            lies, utility carts, maintenance stands, as-
                                                            sembly production and many more appli-
                                                            cations. Custom designs are available and
                                                            CAD can be found on our website.

                                          125 Series (Up to 40,000 lbs.)

                                                            RWM’s 125 Series features the patented
                                                            Kingpinless™ caster design. The 125 Series
                                                            offers capacity up to 40,000 pounds. Some
                                                            of the typical applications include ground
                                                            support equipment, die carts and aircraft
                                                            engine stands. ½”, or greater, construction
                                                            adds extra strength and durability to the
                                                            caster. Custom designs are available and
                                                            CAD can be found on our website.
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