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        RWM Signature Premium (Up to 700 lbs.)

        The RWM Signature Premium Wheel has a lightweight, reinforced nylon
        core with a high strength, non-marking rubber tread. The round tread
        provides easy rolling. The Signature Premium Wheel is excellent for floor
        protection, towing and noise reduction.

        EHT on Aluminum (Up to 2,280 lbs.)

        RWM’s Elastomeric High Tensile Non-Marking Rubber Wheels are molded
        rubber wheels. The rubber is bonded to a lightweight aluminum core. This
        rubber wheel will not crack, chunk, dry out or debond. These EHT wheels
        are great for towing applications in both indoor and outdoor environ-
        ments. They are also quiet and roll easily over debris.

        Full Pneumatic (Up to 3,630 lbs.)

        Pneumatic Wheels allow a cushioned rollability other wheels cannot pro-
        vide. They are useful on uneven floors and outdoor environments. Other
        applications may include platform trucks, luggage carts, material handling
        carts, warehouse and factory applications and many more. Solid industrial
        tires are also available for heavier application needs.

        GT (Up to 3,400 lbs.)

        The GT Wheel by RWM Casters is the smoothest and easiest rolling wheel.
        It can handle heavy loads, traverse both smooth and rough floors and is
        entirely maintenance free. This makes it ergonomically sound, saving time
        spent on required maintenance of an inferior product. They are great for
        continuous use and tow line applications where ergonomics are critical.

        Ultron (Up to 16,500 lbs.)

        RWM’s Nylatron Wheels are extremely durable. These ultra heavy duty
        wheels are designed for the most severe loads. They have great rollabili-
        ty and do not damage floors like steel or iron wheels. The Nylatron wheel
        dos not chunk or separate under extreme applications. They are resilient
        against temperature buildup from bearings and friction.

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