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                                  If you don’t see what you are looking for, we custom manufacture casters to
                                  custom specifications that will meet the needs of nearly any application.

Special Finishes

A powder coat finish is offered as a standard on many of our caster series. The powder coat is
superior in long-term performance to both liquid paint and standard zinc plate finishes. Type II
zinc plate is also available and offers great long-term performance in outdoor environments.

Sealed Raceway ―(SR)

Raceway seals are available on the majority of our Kingpinless casters. These seals serve to prevent
contamination of grease and ensure long-term durability in harsh environments.

             (FG) Foot Guards

                                Foot guards serve as a safety mechanism to prevent casters from rolling over
                                and harming an employee’s feet. They also protect wheels from fork lifts.


                                The sweeper option has a brush attached to the caster rig. The sweeper
                                brush is a great option to keep the wheels clean from debris.

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