Our casters and wheels are built to handle the hardest jobs, no matter what your specific needs. RWM manufactures products suitable for a wide range of applications and environments, from assembly lines to casino floors.


Casters within the aerospace industry have to support significant weight. Aircraft engine stands, tool carts, and more require casters that allow operators to move swiftly and safely through production lines, through hangers, and on the tarmac. We’re proud to say some of the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers and service providers depend on us to keep their planes rolling down the runway.

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Casters are critical within automotive manufacturing facilities. That is why numerous motor vehicle manufacturers depend on RWM to provide wheels with the right push/pull force, decibel output, and superior floor protection capabilities. Our wheels make it possible for every wheel on the highway to roll along.

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Bakery carts, storage carts, cooking trays, and more require specialized casters. We manufacture a full range of casters for bakeries designed to stand up to the high temperatures, wet floors, sticky sweets, and other hazards inherent in fast-paced food production.

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Hospitals and healthcare providers depend on us for their patient’s health. From making sure crash carts roll smooth and fast to ensuring linen bins and food carts roll smoothly into patient rooms, RWM is the top choice of the medical industry. Our wheels make it possible for ER doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, and other healthcare workers to do their jobs and provide the life-saving support patients require.

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Heavy loads, uneven floors, slippery loading docks, whatever the environment, RWM’s casters are ready to roll. Our rubber, nylon, cast iron, and polyurethane wheels are built to make sure carts roll smoothly, casters don’t jam, and operators don’t struggle and strain when moving fabric from the factory floor and finished textiles right to the loading dock.

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Hotel, Motel & Casino

From delivering late-night meals to cleaning rooms at check-out, RWM’s wheels are designed to make sure that hotels, motels, casinos, and other businesses within the hospitality industry can cater to the needs of their guests 24 hours a day. Whether you need wheels to roll along carpeted hallways or tile swimming areas, we guarantee that our wheels are ready to go to work and never need a vacation from their tasks.

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Distribution & Logistics

Good logistics is the key to the smooth and efficient processing of raw materials and finished goods. At RWM, we help ensure our clients can keep their supply chains rolling along at the speed modern commerce demands. We manufacture a full range of wheels and casters explicitly designed for the fast-moving pace of warehouses and distribution facilities.

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Food & Beverage

At RWM, our wheels and casters ensure that food and beverage production lines have the wheels they need to make sure the food and drinks roll smoothly from the production floor to the table. Our wheels are custom built for the demanding needs of food and beverage production to the restaurant and hospitality industries.

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Pharmaceuticals & Laboratory

Pharmaceutical and laboratory operations require specialized wheels to ensure that things roll smoothly along. At RWM Casters, our wheels are designed so that you can affix them to heavy equipment, carts, etc., which makes them ideal for use with your ovens and incubators, refrigeration systems, washing machines, and more.

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