Braking Options for Casters & Wheels

Built-in brakes are the best way to keep your carts, work tables, and other equipment from rolling away and causing employee injury, equipment damage, or product loss. At RWM Casters, our brakes are designed to deliver superior performance in a wide range of operational conditions.

From the factory floor to the warehouse and the hallway to the operating room, we’ll help you select the optimal braking solution for your swiveling or rigid casters. We offer a full range of casters, brakes, and swivel locks and will recommend the custom configuration best suited for your intended application.

NOTE: All brakes are available and installed from the factory, while only the WB, ICWB, MICWB, SICWB, FICWB, FCNB, FCSTLB, and FCNTLB brakes can be installed in the field.

Applications for Different Brake Options

Our team can help you select the optimal medium- and heavy-duty caster brakes for your applications. For convenience, we offer options married to specific wheel series and brakes that can be installed on your existing casters to upgrade performance and functionality.

Common applications for our brakes include:

  • Beds, grills, and toolboxes
  • Assembly lines
  • Maintenance carts
  • Worktables
  • Processing equipment
  • Layout tooling

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Types of Caster Wheel Brakes

Understanding more about the different brake options available can help you make the right selection for your business. Here are some of the most popular caster brake styles in use today.


ICBW Brake caster

27 Series Field Installable Face Contact Brake (ICWB)

Face contact wheel brakes offer substantial braking power with compatible wheel types. You must tighten a brake shoe by pressing a pedal or turning a T-handle screw against the tread to activate the brake. Face contact brakes with total lock capabilities also stop the caster from swiveling.

Metal face contact brakes are another variety that allows for reliable wheel locking in demanding, high-temperature applications. They offer easy field installation, toe operation, an easy push pedal, and only one rotating part. They are also maintenance-free and corrosion-resistant and are available in 3″, 3.5″, 4″, and 5″ sizes.


Metal Custom Caster

27 Series Brakes Field Installable Side Action Brake (WB)

Side action brakes offer easy field installation and self-adjust to wheel wear. They are easy to engage and disengage, corrosion-resistant, and available in 3”, 3.5”, 4”, 5” sizes.



WB Brake

Side Wheel Brake (WB)

Side wheel brakes are effective for keeping medium-duty carts and racks stationary. You engage the brake with your foot or hand. The more force you apply, the tighter the brake clamps down on the wheel hub. Over time, the ability to lock a side-wheel brake diminishes, so it’s most appropriate for equipment that requires infrequent locking.

Side wheel brakes are available on the 40, 45, 46, 47, 48, 52, 65, and 70 Series. This economical brake is designed for use on 4” to 8” diameter wheels (1.5” and 2” only) and can be used with plain roller bearings. Styles may differ depending on the series.

metal casters

Side Brake Steel Tread Brake (STB) (WBT)

Steel tread side brakes are available on the 45 (STB) and 46 (WBT) Series. They may be used with swivel locks.

wwb caster

Wrap-Around Wheel Brake (WWB)

Wrap-around wheel brakes are mechanically similar to side wheel brakes, but they solve the problem of orienting the casters properly so that you can reach the brake with your foot. This saves time and keeps employees safe when maneuvering heavy loads. This brake fits 2-inch wide wheels only.

maintenance free casters

Face Contact Nylon Brake (FCNB)

Face contact nylon brakes are available on the 46 Series. Nylon brakes are corrosion-resistant.


Face Contact Nylon Total Lock Brake (FCNTLB)

Face contact nylon total lock brakes are available on the 46 Series. Locks both wheel and swivel action. Nylon brakes are corrosion-resistant.

Close up shot of RWM Casters' Face Contact Steel Total Lock Brake (FCSTLB)

Face Contact Steel Total Lock Brake (FCSTLB)

Face contact steel total lock brakes are available on the 46 Series. These breaks are front-mounted and lock both wheel and swivel action.

Metal kingpin caste

Field Installable Face Contact Brake (ICWB)

ICWB is the only face contact brake in the industry that will accommodate a demountable swivel lock and easy field installation. Caster, brake, and DSL can be purchased separately. Patent Pending. They are available in 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” sizes and easily install on the 46, 47, 48, 52, 65, and 70 Series but only fit 2” wide wheels.

Metal kingpin caste

Stainless Steel Field Installable Face Contact Brake (SICWB)

Stainless steel field installable face contact brakes are available in 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” sizes. This brake fits 2-inch wide wheels only.


caster with rubber wheels and a brake

Metal Field Installable Face Contact Brake (MICWB)

The MICWB provides a more heavy-duty, all-aluminum brake pedal that can be utilized in high-temperature applications. Like the ICWB counterpart, the pedal rotates a metal pad, which locks the wheel in place.

kingpin casters

Welded T-Handle Brake (WTHB)

Welded T-handle brakes are available for the RWM S65 and S75 Series. The T-handle is hand-twisted to squeeze the wheel’s hub and prevent rotation.


Field Installable Cam Wheel Brake (FICWB)

Our field-installable cam wheel brakes for the 75 & 76 Series are available for roller, ball, and tapered bearings on 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” wheels. Depressing the pedal engages a non-skid pad against the wheel. Deactivate by moving the foot pedal in the opposite direction.

kingpin caster

Cam Wheel Brake (CWB)

Cam wheel brakes work well for heavy-duty loads. They involve depressing a pedal to engage a non-skid pad against the wheel.

Poly cam brakes are similar, but thanks to a polyurethane pad compressing against a non-skid metal pad, they work in the heaviest applications. This design is available on all Kingpinless and maintenance-free casters.


Poly Cam Brake (PCWB)

Depressing the pedal compresses a polyurethane pad against a non-skid metal pad which prevents the wheel from rotating. Adjustments can be made to increase or decrease pressure against the
wheel. Also, adjustments can be made to compensate for the wear of the wheel over time. Poly cam brakes are available on all Kingpinless and maintenance-free casters.

kingpin caster with rubber inflatable wheels

Face Contact Wheel Brake (FCWB)

The face contact wheel brake is engaged by compressing the brake shoe against the face of the wheel by turning a T-handle screw.


Why Trust RWM Casters?

At RWM Casters, our industry-leading casters and brakes are designed and manufactured to satisfy the most rigid requirements. Since 1935, we’ve delivered innovative products that set the standard for our industry. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with products engineered to outperform. When you choose our American-made casters and brakes, you will always receive the highest-quality components, competitive prices, industry-best lead times, and innovations that are second to none!

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Brake Option FAQs

What is the optimal type of brake for heavy loads?

Face contact brakes are ideally suited for casters transporting heavy loads. They have exceptional holding force and will deliver reliable performance in nearly every application.

Is it necessary to have a swivel lock as well as a brake installed on swivel casters?

Caster brakes are designed to stop a wheel from rolling, however they won’t stop the caster from swiveling. If you have a swivel caster, it’s a good idea to install both a high-quality caster brake and a swivel lock. This will provide superior protection to the load and will help improve workplace safety.

How is braking force applied to the caster?

Braking force can be applied against the hub or against the tread. Single-side brakes apply force to one side of the wheel’s hub, while double-side brakes apply force to both sides. Wrap-around brakes are a type of face contact brake that applies force directly to the tread, while floor locks are designed to lift the caster and apply force directly to the floor.

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