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High-Weight Applications with the Nylatron Wheel

“Heavy-duty applications require heavy-duty wheels. Anything less is asking for trouble. That is why the engineers at RWM have designed…”

READ MORE December 2, 2021

The Omega Wheel is Ready to Roll!

“When you need a wheel you can depend on, RWM's Omega Wheel is always ready to answer the call! The…”

READ MORE November 18, 2021

RWM Signature Premium™ Wheels

“The Signature Premium™ Wheel is one of our most popular products. It is a considerable upgrade from the use of…”

READ MORE November 3, 2021

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Textile Applications with the Rol Kleen 48 Series Casters

“Experience superior performance in textile applications with the RK and the RK 48 Series casters! Call RWM at 800-634-7704 to…”

READ MORE September 30, 2021

Advantages of the 58 Series Casters

“Silence is golden, and our clients liken the Freedom 58 Series Caster to a silent partner that works hard to…”

READ MORE September 27, 2021

Find the Ideal Hand Truck at RWM

“The safe and efficient handling of raw materials, finished goods, and equipment is essential. At RWM Casters, our fixed and convertible…”

READ MORE August 17, 2021

Experience Superior Impact Absorption with the Omega Wheel

“When you need an all-around wheel that offers superior load-bearing capacity and advanced impact-absorbing capabilities, you need the patented web-spoke…”

READ MORE August 12, 2021

Caster Applications in the Textile Industry

“The textile industry is evolving quickly. At RWM Casters, our customized casters and wheels are designed to ensure your operations keep…”

READ MORE August 4, 2021

High-Temperature Applications

“High-temperature applications require high-performance wheels. At RWM Casters, our casters are custom-built to handle the rigors inherent to smokehouses, autoclaves,…”

READ MORE July 29, 2021

Our Most Popular Wheels for Food Service Applications

“Achieve superior performance with RWM Caster's wheels for the food service industry.”

READ MORE July 15, 2021

Experience Superior Performance with RWM’s Turntable Swivel Sections

“When every millimeter counts, there is no substitute for precision movement. Whether you need a turntable for a product display,…”

READ MORE July 10, 2021

Advantages of 125 and 2-125 Series Casters

“At RWM Casters, we set a high bar for engineering and manufacturing. Our Kingpinless caster components are precision-crafted to provide…”

READ MORE July 8, 2021

Recognizing Our Top 10 Distributors

“At RWM, it is our pleasure to work with the best of the best. From our employees to the companies…”

READ MORE June 7, 2021

Caster Applications in the Aerospace Industry

“The aerospace industry is an advanced and ever-changing business sector. At RWM Casters, we design custom casters and wheels to…”

READ MORE May 28, 2021

Strength, Speed & Durability With Kingpinless Casters from RWM

“Achieve superior strength, speed, and durability with Kingpinless Casters from RWM Casters.”

READ MORE March 5, 2021

RWM Casters Are Made in the USA: Why Does That Matter to You?

“The “Made in the USA” label is becoming increasingly popular among American consumers. Nearly 70% of respondents to a recent…”

READ MORE February 6, 2021

Trust Industrial-Grade Stainless Steel Casters for Heavy-Duty Work

“Experimentation with metals, leading to what is now stainless steel, began in 1798. In the 1800s, the strength of chromium-iron…”

READ MORE February 6, 2021

Experience Superior Ergonomics with RWM Casters’ Heavy-Duty GT Wheel

“Learn more about RWM Casters' most popular wheel for superior ergonomics—the Heavy Duty GT Wheel! ”

READ MORE January 11, 2021

Advantages of RWM’s Shock Absorbing Casters

“When you want Kingpinless casters, there simply isn't a more reliable choice than our selection. Our casters are engineered to…”

READ MORE December 16, 2020

Maintenance-Free Performance From RWM Casters’ Freedom Series

“  Learn more about RWM Caster's low-maintenance caster for medium- to heavy-duty applications -- the Freedom Series!”

READ MORE November 21, 2020

Advantages of RWM Casters’ 75/76 Series

“As the inventor and market leader of the Kingpinless caster design, RWM Casters has set the bar high in caster…”

READ MORE October 27, 2020

Ergonomic Advantages of Torus & Ergo GT Wheels


READ MORE October 21, 2020

Industrial Caster Leaders

“Learn more about how RWM Casters has set the bar in premium quality caster engineering and application from our infographic.”

READ MORE October 8, 2020

Leading the Industry in Quality Caster Engineering

“While the engineering and craftmanship that go into each of our casters, wheels, and material handling products are complex, our…”

READ MORE August 17, 2020

Thank you for visiting RWM at Modex 2020!

“We at RWM want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the Modex show in Atlanta! We hope…”

READ MORE March 18, 2020

Day 1 at Modex 2020!

“Day 1 of the Modex show in Atlanta! If you are at the show be sure to stop by booth…”

READ MORE March 9, 2020

Join RWM at Modex 2020 in Atlanta!

“Join RWM at Modex 2020 in Atlanta! If you are able to make it to the show, please come visit…”

READ MORE March 3, 2020

RWM’s Winter 2020 Newsletter

“Check out all of RWM's latest news and information in our Winter Newsletter! Click the link below to view the…”

READ MORE February 27, 2020

Understanding the Benefits of the Kingpinless Design

“RWM Casters is proud to be known as the inventor of the Kingpinless™ caster while perfecting an original design that…”

READ MORE February 20, 2020

Know the Best Caster Solutions in Your Industry!

“Regardless of your industry it is always important to know what products work best for your application. With RWM’s caster…”

READ MORE February 13, 2020

RWM Eliminating Caster Maintenance and Downtime

“RWM is eliminating caster maintenance and downtime with the Freedom ® 48, 58, and 68 series that offer a sealed…”

READ MORE February 5, 2020

The Omega Wheel Reduces Noise for Towing Operations

“RWM’s Omega Wheel is a patented urethane wheel developed for towline caster applications while providing noise reduction and shock absorbing…”

READ MORE January 30, 2020

Come see RWM at Modex 2020 in Atlanta!

“RWM Casters will be at the Modex show in Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center from March 9-12. Stop…”

READ MORE January 22, 2020

RWM’s Silent Solution – The Freedom 58 Series!

“If you are looking to reduce noise and improve mobility for your operations, look no further than the RWM Freedom…”

READ MORE January 16, 2020

Exposing Ergonomics: RWM’s Push/Pull Test

“At RWM, we test the ergonomics of our industrial caster products to ensure both productivity and safety are maximized within…”

READ MORE January 9, 2020

2020 Results for RWM’s Core Coat Testing

“At RWM, we test our products to ensure superior performance even in the most harsh and demanding environments. RWM is…”

READ MORE January 2, 2020

RWM Wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

“RWM would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! Thank you for such a great 2019. We…”

READ MORE December 19, 2019

Heavy Duty Applications Require Heavy Duty Solutions

“RWM Caster’s heavy-duty cast iron wheels are made of reinforced material and a solid core design offering a substantial performance…”

READ MORE December 11, 2019

The Ultimate Super Capacity Low Profile Solution

“Do you have a super capacity job requiring the lowest profile casters possible, but cannot find the right solution? RWM’s…”

READ MORE December 4, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from RWM!

“Happy Thanksgiving from RWM! Our Office will be closed Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th. We hope everyone enjoys…”

READ MORE November 26, 2019

World Class Ground Support Solutions!

“From transporting ground support equipment to providing exceptional towing performance; RWM, the originator and market leader of Kingpinless casters, has…”

READ MORE November 21, 2019

Custom Applications Require Custom Solutions!

“RWM is here to remind you that if you cannot find the casters, wheels, or other specifications needed for your…”

READ MORE November 14, 2019

RWM’s Fall 2019 Highlights

“Check out all of RWM's latest news and information in our Fall Newsletter! Click the link below to view the…”

READ MORE November 7, 2019

Adjustable Floor Lock Prices Slashed to only $16!

“Our excessive inventory of adjustable floor locks is now marked down from $42 each to just $16 each! Our loss…”

READ MORE November 5, 2019

The Ideal Solution for Heavy Duty Industrial Applications!

“RWM Caster’s 65 Series industrial casters feature our original and time-tested, patented Kingpinless caster design. It is the best solution…”

READ MORE October 31, 2019

OP Casters – Made for Heavy Office Equipment

“RWM’s Office Product Casters are made to support and move various pieces of heavy office equipment such as copiers, business…”

READ MORE October 24, 2019

Go Heavy Duty for the Most Intense Applications!

“If you have a job that requires sustained durability for your wheels while withstanding heavy loads; then look no further,…”

READ MORE October 15, 2019

Ergo GT – Superior Endurance with the Best Rollability in the Industry

“RWM’s Ergo GT Wheel provides the ultimate ergonomic solution for high demand, high capacity applications. These wheels are made to…”

READ MORE October 10, 2019

Spanish Catalog & Website Translation Available Now!

“In case you missed it, RWM now has a Spanish translation feature on our website along with a fully translated…”

READ MORE October 2, 2019

Updated Results for RWM’s Core Coat Testing

“At RWM, we test our products in order to provide superior performance in the most harsh and demanding environments. RWM…”

READ MORE September 25, 2019

Custom Engineered Ground Support Solutions

“RWM offers heavy duty industrial casters for the most stringent ground support and towed applications. These Kingpinless casters are the…”

READ MORE September 13, 2019

Tried & Tested, Performance that makes a difference!

“RWM Casters products go through a rigorous series of testing performed in our dedicated in-house test lab by qualified QC…”

READ MORE September 5, 2019

Happy Labor Day from RWM!

“RWM will be closed Monday, September 2nd for Labor Day. We hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!”

READ MORE August 30, 2019

RWM’s New Spanish Catalog and Website!

“RWM now has a Spanish translation feature on our website along with a fully translated Spanish catalog. To translate the…”

READ MORE August 27, 2019

Follow RWM on Instagram!

“RWM now has an Instagram where you can follow us for updates and an inside look at some of our…”

READ MORE August 22, 2019

RWM’s EHT Wheel -The Best Towing Wheel in the Industry!

“RWM’s EHT (Elastomeric High Tensile) Wheels are one of the best wheels for towing applications because of the high quality,…”

READ MORE August 16, 2019

Why is Zinc Plating so Popular?

“Zinc Plating is a popular choice in the caster industry due to corrosion prevention being a major concern in many…”

READ MORE August 9, 2019

Enjoy a Smooth Ride with RWM’s Pneumatic Wheels

“RWM's Pneumatic Wheels provide a smooth, impact-absorbing operation even across rough surfaces for important instruments and components. Even better, we've…”

READ MORE July 31, 2019

From Ergonomics to Noise Reduction, the RWM Torus Wheel does it all!

“The Torus Wheel™ offers a rounded tread that provides easy turning under heavy loads. The Torus Wheel™ features our premium…”

READ MORE July 25, 2019

RWM’s Spring Recap for 2019

“Check out all of RWM's latest news and information in our Spring Newsletter! Click the link below to view the…”

READ MORE July 18, 2019

The Kingpinless Caster’s Superior Design and Materials

“RWM Casters is the inventor of the Kingpinless™ caster perfecting an original design that has never been improved upon by…”

READ MORE July 9, 2019

Happy 4th of July from RWM!

“Happy 4th of July from RWM! Our Office will be closed Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th. We hope everyone has…”

READ MORE July 3, 2019

Can Your Wheels Take the Heat?

“Do you constantly have to replace wheels because they can't stand the heat of your oven or survive daily wash-downs?…”

READ MORE May 16, 2019

The Importance of Heat Treating Casters

“When it comes to a caster’s lifespan it is important to think about how failure can result in lost profits,…”

READ MORE May 8, 2019

RWM has Industry Specific Solutions for You!

“Regardless of your industry it is always important to know what products work best for your application. With RWM’s caster…”

READ MORE April 26, 2019

Thank you for visiting RWM at ProMat 2019!

“We at RWM want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the ProMat show in Chicago! We hope…”

READ MORE April 17, 2019

Introducing the New RWM CargoMax Gold Air Cargo Casters!

“RWM’s latest addition to a line of the highest quality air cargo casters on the market comes with the introduction…”

READ MORE April 3, 2019

Come see RWM at ProMat 2019 in Chicago!

“RWM Casters will be at the ProMat show in Chicago at McCormick Place from April 8-11. Stop by Booth #S1627 with any…”

READ MORE March 26, 2019

Transporting Sensitive Goods?

“If you need a way to transport goods that require protection from electrical currents then look no further. RWM’s ESD…”

READ MORE March 25, 2019

RWM’s Maintenance Free Options!

“RWM's Freedom 48, 58, and 68 series are made in the U.S.A. maintenance free casters that provide a smooth silent…”

READ MORE March 14, 2019

Know Your Options!

“There are numerous ways to choose the right caster for your application. However, sometimes getting the job done effectively is…”

READ MORE February 28, 2019

The Textile Industry Solution

“The Rol Kleen 48 caster is based on the textile heavy RK series while offering a maintenance free raceway from…”

READ MORE February 21, 2019

Winter 2019 with RWM!

“Check out all the news and updates that have been going on at RWM with the 2019 Winter Newsletter! Click…”

READ MORE February 13, 2019

RWM Looking for Customer Service Representative!

“RWM has a Customer Service Representative Position Available! General Duties and Requirements: Respond to customer telephone, email, or fax regarding…”

READ MORE February 11, 2019

Streamline New Projects with RWM’s CAD Configurator!

“With over 600,000 CAD combinations at your fingertips, there are plenty of reasons to check out RWM’s CAD downloader. If…”

READ MORE February 7, 2019

Introducing the New & Improved RWM Stainless 45 Series Casters!

“RWM’s new and improved S45s are here and they are turning heads with looks alone. Our Stainless Steel Casters are…”

READ MORE January 30, 2019

Not Getting the Casters You Need?

“When it comes to the most rugged of applications, the right caster can mean the difference between sweet success and…”

READ MORE January 22, 2019

Don’t Know Where to Find the Right Caster?

“Struggling to find the right product options that match your specific criteria can be frustrating! Luckily, RWM is here to…”

READ MORE January 15, 2019

Interested in Working at RWM?

“RWM has a Customer Service Representative Position Available! General Duties and Requirements: Respond to customer telephone, email, or fax regarding…”

READ MORE January 11, 2019

Welcome to the New Year from RWM!

“RWM hopes everyone had a fantastic holiday season and New Year’s. With the New Year our main priorities continue to…”

READ MORE January 3, 2019

Visit RWM at Booth #364 at the GSE Expo Oct. 2-4 in Las Vegas!

“RWM will have a booth at the International Airport GSE Expo at the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.…”

READ MORE September 26, 2018

RWM’s Adjustable Floor Lock Only $19!

“Our Adjustable Floor Lock is now marked down to only $19! The RWM Adjustable Floor Lock eliminates the need to…”

READ MORE September 14, 2018

Introducing RWM’s New ESD Wheel!

“What does ESD mean? ESD stands for electrostatic dissipative. RWM’s ESD wheel uses a static dissipative material that has medium…”

READ MORE August 8, 2018

Blowout Prices on Furniture Casters!

“RWM’s is offering blowout prices on brass furniture casters and select material handling carts. Check out our special pricing flyer…”

READ MORE July 19, 2018

Happy 4th of July from RWM!

“Happy 4th of July from RWM! Our Office will be closed Wednesday, July 4th. We hope everyone has a safe…”

READ MORE July 3, 2018

Blowout Sale on RWM S45 Caster Rigs!

“We are running a huge sale on our S45 Caster Series. Check it out below!”

READ MORE June 19, 2018

Memorial Day from RWM

“RWM would like to say thank you to all who have served our country in military service. We are grateful…”

READ MORE May 25, 2018

Spring 2018 at RWM

“Spring is upon us at RWM and there is a lot of exciting news that came with it. Check out…”

READ MORE May 23, 2018

RWM Helps Mars Lander on Its Journey

“Although today is May the 4th (Star Wars Day), tomorrow is an important day in the history of space exploration.…”

READ MORE May 4, 2018

New Video on RWM’s Push/Pull Test

“RWM, the original and market leader of Kingpinless casters, is committed to the highest quality caster and wheel products. We…”

READ MORE April 6, 2018

Come See Us at Modex 2018 in Atlanta!

“RWM is excited to be at Modex 2018 in Atlanta, April 9th-12th. RWM is the originator and market leader of…”

READ MORE March 22, 2018

Reduced Price on the RWM Adjustable Floor Lock!

“We are marking down the price on our Adjustable Floor Lock. The RWM Adjustable Floor Lock eliminates the need to…”

READ MORE March 14, 2018

Are Your Casters Heat Treated?

“Heat treatment of a caster raceway is critically important throughout the industry. However, many customers are unaware of what heat…”

READ MORE March 6, 2018

RWM is Hiring!

“RWM is looking to hire experienced outside sales representatives. Please contact us if you are interested.”

READ MORE March 5, 2018

RWM’s New Ergo GT Video is Rolling Out

“Check out our new video on the Ergo GT Wheel. It provides the best rollability of any wheel in the…”

READ MORE February 14, 2018

RWM Engineer Receives New Patent

“Congratulations to Chad Trickle, RWM Casters Engineering Manager, on being awarded a new patent by the USPTO for the design…”

READ MORE January 25, 2018

The New RWM Website is LIVE!

“We went about overhauling our website with you in mind. We have optimized many of the pages and given the…”

READ MORE January 23, 2018

One of the Most Crucial and Informative Tests in the Industry

“The drum test is one of the most common and informative tests performed in the caster industry today. But why?…”

READ MORE January 15, 2018

Merry Christmas from RWM!

“RWM will be closed Dec. 25th, 26th & Jan. 1st. RWM would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and…”

READ MORE December 20, 2017

RWM’s Industrial 65 Series Casters

“RWM Caster’s 65 Series industrial casters feature our original and time-tested, patented Kingpinless caster design. It is the best solution…”

READ MORE December 15, 2017

CFTMA Update: Over 11.5 Million Swivels

“Our CFTMA Test has passed 11,500,000 revolutions on a single caster! We have been tracking the performance of our Maintenance…”

READ MORE December 8, 2017

Almost 24 Months into RWM’s Core Coat Test

“RWM’s Core Coat is weather tested and can protect iron and aluminum cores against corrosion. We have been performing a…”

READ MORE December 1, 2017

Winter is Coming…

“Winter is Coming, but before it gets here check out RWM’s Fall Newsletter. Read RWM’s Fall Newsletter Here”

READ MORE November 16, 2017

RWM at Fabtech 2017

“RWM is off to a great start at Fabtech 2017. If you are here or in the Chicago area come…”

READ MORE November 7, 2017

Another Robotic Welder Joins Production at RWM

“RWM is dedicated to increasing the production efficiency of our plant. The robotic pulse welding technology employed by RWM gives…”

READ MORE November 2, 2017

RWM Leads the Industry with Powder Coat Standard

“A couple years ago, we asked ourselves: How we could make our standard heavy duty Kingpinless products more durable in…”

READ MORE October 26, 2017

Custom Casters? RWM’s Got You Covered.

“You’re working on your new application. You need casters. But the standard caster won’t hit all of the necessary specifications…”

READ MORE October 19, 2017

Why is Heat Treating So Important?

““The lifespan of a caster.” You may see and hear this phrase a lot when searching for casters. However, have…”

READ MORE October 12, 2017

RWM’s New FIFG is Now In Stock!

“Don’t know what an FIFG is? It’s RWM’s new Field Installable Foot Guard! And it’s now in stock for 2″…”

READ MORE October 4, 2017

More Than 10 Million Swivels…And Counting

“Our CFTMA Test has passed 10,000,000 revolutions on a single caster! We have been tracking the performance of our Maintenance…”

READ MORE August 25, 2017

The Day of the Eclipse

“August 21, 2017. The day of the solar eclipse. RWM was located very close to the path of totality of…”

READ MORE August 21, 2017

Super Capacity Job? Try Super Compact

“Do you have a super capacity job, but cannot find the right caster solution? RWM’s Super Compact casters may be…”

READ MORE August 9, 2017

Keeping it Fresh at RWM

“Here at RWM, we work as a community to produce the highest quality caster and wheel solutions. But we have…”

READ MORE August 1, 2017

A New Dimension in RWM Engineering

“RWM engineering furthers capabilities with the addition of a new 3-D printer. The innovation of 3-D printing significantly accelerates initial stages…”

READ MORE July 18, 2017

New and Improved FIFG from RWM!

“The new and improved Field Installable Foot Guard (FIFG) from RWM is here. We have improved our FIFG and have…”

READ MORE July 11, 2017

Ultra Quiet, Shock Absorbing Omega Wheel

“The RWM Omega Wheel is perfect for towline caster applications to dampen vibration and reduce noise such as in automotive…”

READ MORE June 29, 2017

New Interactive CAD PDF Datasheets!

“One of the best features RWM provides on our website is the CAD download system. It allows our customers to…”

READ MORE June 22, 2017

Consistent Welds…Every Time!

“RWM recently upgraded its top plate welder to increase efficiency and ensure consistent welds on our top plates. Weld quality…”

READ MORE June 20, 2017

RWM’s Kingpinless Total Lock Casters

“The Total Lock caster is available in both locking plate design and a scaffold caster arrangement. They are designed around our…”

READ MORE June 15, 2017

RWM’s CFTMA Test: The Test That Keeps on Going

“We take pride in our products here at RWM. We test them to ensure that each product is engineered to…”

READ MORE May 30, 2017

Kicking Off Spring at RWM

“We are now in the Spring months and much has been happening at RWM. Read our Spring 2017 Newsletter to…”

READ MORE May 23, 2017

RWM’s New Catalog is Here!

“RWM is Excited to Showcase Our New Catalog The catalog includes several new innovative products such as the adjustable floor…”

READ MORE May 16, 2017

Introducing the New 3″ MICWB

“RWM would like to introduce the 3″ MICWB brake. It is based off our popular ICWB brake. We recently manufactured…”

READ MORE February 28, 2017

RWM Winter Newsletter: New Year, Same Committed Service

“Below is the RWM 2017 Winter Newsletter. With the New Year, comes new products and options for popular series. RWM…”

READ MORE January 31, 2017

Reduce 50% of Buildup With the RK-48

“The new Rol Kleen 48 series combines the RK Series caster design with the Freedom 48 Series’ completely maintenance free…”

READ MORE January 10, 2017

Happy Holidays From RWM


READ MORE December 20, 2016

Why Choose Zinc Plating?

“Zinc Plating is a popular finish in the caster industry. But why? RWM has a library of white paper’s that…”

READ MORE December 7, 2016

RWM’s Core Coat Can Weather Against Corrosion

“RWM’s Core Coat is weather tested and can protect iron and stainless cores against corrosion. We recently performed a test…”

READ MORE December 1, 2016

Best Towing Wheel In the Industry

“Everyone likes getting the best of everything. The same goes for the caster industry. RWM’s EHT wheel is perfect for…”

READ MORE November 29, 2016

RWM Fall Newsletter: Don’t Leaf Without Reading

“It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are changing color and we are fast approaching the holidays and…”

READ MORE November 11, 2016

Strong Welds Makes for Strong Products

“Strong welds means strong products. At RWM, we strive to create the longest-lasting products that can withstand constant daily use.…”

READ MORE November 8, 2016

How to Quantify Push/Pull at RWM

“RWM’s Push/Pull Testing RWM is proud to say that we test our products rigorously in order to be sure they…”

READ MORE October 25, 2016

International Airport GSE Expo 2016

“RWM will be attending the International GSE Expo in Las Vegas on October 18th-20th. Be sure to visit booth #330.”

READ MORE October 4, 2016

A Summer To Remember at RWM

“With Summer coming to a close, RWM has had some very exciting new things going on with the company. Our…”

READ MORE September 16, 2016

A New Alternative to Traditional Swivel Locks

“RWM is proud to introduce a new type of swivel lock to its caster accessories line. It is the DLSL…”

READ MORE September 14, 2016

696 Hours in a Salt Chamber…Let’s Do It!

“What happens when you put 6 finishes in a salt chamber for a month? Find out in our new White…”

READ MORE September 7, 2016

More CAD Downloads at Your Fingertips!

“We strive to provide our customers with resources to help make the search for the right caster or wheel product…”

READ MORE September 1, 2016

A Quick Look Into RWM!

“RWM takes the time to manufacture superior products for our customers. Check out this quick look into the RWM process.…”

READ MORE August 16, 2016

RWM Focuses on Performance

“There are many choices when it comes to caster and wheel products in the market today. Some other manufacturers and…”

READ MORE July 27, 2016

RWM: Originator of the Kingpinless Caster

“RWM Casters Co. is the originator of the Kingpinless caster, the most emulated caster in the industry. RWM’s unique design…”

READ MORE July 6, 2016

The Spring Newsletter is Here!

“RWM’s Spring Newsletter is here! There are some new and exciting things that took place during the spring season. The…”

READ MORE June 23, 2016

RWM: From Concept to Creation

“At RWM, we pride ourselves in manufacturing superior products that work for the applications of our customers. From concept for…”

READ MORE April 13, 2016

Stop By Our Booth!

“Another great day at the Modex show in Atlanta! Come by and visit RWM at booth 1655 to find out…”

READ MORE April 6, 2016

The new RWM RK-48 Series is here!

“The new Rol Kleen 48 series combines the RK Series caster design with the Freedom 48 Series’ completely maintenance free…”

READ MORE April 5, 2016

Freedom 58 Series Top Plates

“Along with its standard top plate, RWM’s New 58 Series Caster is available with a 42ST/42RT top plate. To view these…”

READ MORE March 31, 2016

Visit Us At The Modex Show!

“Remember to stop by and visit us at the Modex Show in Atlanta, GA April 4-7! Find us at Booth #1655.…”

READ MORE March 24, 2016

New Aerospace Product Guide

“RWM’s new Aerospace Product Guide will help you in discerning which of our casters, wheels, and options fit your application needs.…”

READ MORE March 10, 2016

Heavy and Medium-Duty Brakes Catalog

“Click below to download a PDF of our new Heavy and Medium-Duty Brakes Brochure. Including seven heavy duty and six…”

READ MORE March 2, 2016

The New Freedom 58 Series

“The New Freedom 58 series is a hybrid of the 48 and 68 Freedom Series. Maintenance free with an ultra-quiet…”

READ MORE February 23, 2016

New RWM Adjustable Floor Lock

“The new RWM Adjustable Floor Lock eliminates the need to buy multiple locks for different carts! Compatible with casters from…”

READ MORE February 17, 2016

RWM Winter Newsletter

“The RWM Winter Newsletter is here! In this issue, we offer information on our new 46 Series Assembly Machine, CFTMA…”

READ MORE February 16, 2016

RWM at Modex 2016

“Mark you calendars! RWM will be attending the upcoming Modex Tradeshow in Atlanta, GA on April 4-7, 2016. Stop by…”

READ MORE February 10, 2016

Same Proven Design, New Metal Brake Option!

“RWM is proud to introduce the new MICWB Brake Option! With the same design as the highly popular RWM ICWB…”

READ MORE January 7, 2016

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