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As a leading manufacturer of wheels & casters, RWM Casters offers an exceptional inventory of high-quality metal, rubber, plastic, and polyethylene wheels




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RWM Casters is a leading U.S. manufacturer of industrial caster and wheel products. If you have casters for your existing application and you need replacement wheels, we have a wide array of durable, industrial-grade products for you to choose from.

When searching for the right wheels, sort your selection by type, application, capacity, wheel size, wheel width, or the specific benefits you’re looking for in your new caster wheels.

Our products can help you meet myriad goals, including:

  • Reducing push/pull forces
  • Improving ergonomics
  • Minimizing noise
  • Protecting the floor
  • Working in high-temperature conditions
  • Enhancing shock absorption
  • And more!

Wheels from RWM Casters are also designed to meet the stringent testing and supporting documentation requirements of towing and military applications.

Metal Wheels

When high-capacity, load-bearing capabilities are of the utmost importance, look to RWM Casters’ line of metal wheels. These are designed to shoulder the weight of 10,000 pounds or more in the most demanding and abusive industrial conditions.

These wheels can operate on the roughest floors without getting damaged, and they have the added benefit of running on tracks via track rollers, streamlining your production process for maximum efficiency.

Our metal wheel products include:

  • Cast-iron wheels
  • Forged steel wheels
  • V-groove wheels
  • Machined steel flanged wheels

Polyurethane Wheels

RWM Casters uses high-quality polytetramethylene ether glycol in our polyurethane wheels, a material that outperforms PPG compounds found in our competitors’ wheels.

Polyurethane tread is the ideal way to provide shock absorbency between your valuable products and the floor. A wide array of durometers and thicknesses are available, all of which are durable and long lasting in nearly any application ranging from 150 pounds to 10,300 pounds.

Rubber Wheels

The shock-absorbing and non-marking qualities of rubber wheels make them a suitable choice for many industrial applications. Choose:

  • Soft rubber wheels for a smooth ride and superior traction on rough surfaces
  • Hard rubber wheels for impact resistance and ease of use on smooth surfaces

We also offer pneumatic rubber wheels, performance TPR wheels, elastomeric high-tensile rubber wheels, and many other varieties for applications ranging from under 500 pounds to over 3,600 pounds.

Nylon, Plastic & Phenolic Wheels

The superior materials and designs used on RWM Casters’ nylon, plastic, and phenolic wheels make them second to none. For instance, our Ergo GT Series offers the best solid elastomer wheels found anywhere.

Our Ultron wheels are built for incredible loads up to 16,500 pounds, and our Durastan Phenolic wheels reign supreme as the most economical caster wheel solution. Whether you are looking for high capacity, impact resistance, heat resistance, or towing capabilities, we have the wheels for you.

Industrial Applications for Caster Wheels

RWM Casters’ wheels are appropriate for a range of operating environments, thanks to the versatility and customization options available. The most common applications include:

  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • Tire and automotive production
  • Warehouse and factory applications
  • Material handling
  • Tow lines
  • Construction and heavy farm equipment manufacturing
  • Off-road construction
  • Boat manufacturing

Choose RWM Casters for Replacement Wheels

Since 1935, RWM Casters has earned a reputation for being one of the most innovative manufacturers of casters, wheels, and accessories. We invented the original Kingpinless™ casters in the 1970s, and we continue innovating to this day! Other companies have mimicked several of our wheel products throughout the years, but the copycats simply can’t measure up to the original.

Don’t settle for inferior knockoffs — choose RWM Casters to enjoy a proven, long-lasting solution for the application you have in mind.

For help selecting replacement wheels or for any other inquiries, please contact us online or call us at 800-634-7704. We ship all across the United States!

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