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As a leading domestic manufacturer of industrial casters since 1935 as well as being the originator and market leader in kingpinless casters, RWM Casters primary mission is to continue developing and manufacturing high-value casters, wheels and material handling products that fully satisfy our worldwide customer’s needs. Our total commitment to this mission is evident from our reputation for combining superior engineering experience and talent with modern manufacturing techniques, an emphasis on high-quality products and comprehensive customer service.

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RWM Casters, the inventor of the Kingpinless™ caster, is the recognized market leader for industrial casters. Now copied worldwide, the Kingpinless™ caster is known today overseas as the “American-style caster.”

Our original patented design, having never been improved upon by others, is the recognized best solution for demanding and abusive applications. Don’t purchase an inferior knock-off—contact RWM Casters for the proven winning solution.

From the efficient performance of the light and medium duty casters to the brute strength of the big single and dual wheel kingpinless casters, the emphasis at RWM is on a perfect match to meet the task at hand. We offer:

  • Patented kingpinless swivel sections shoulder the stresses of heavy loads
  • A wide range of top plate options to retrofit almost any caster mounting plate configuration
  • Strong, flexible, super tight neoprene swivel seals to keep moisture and debris away from the swivel sections, assuring longevity and performance
  • Patented offset raceway construction to transfer forces to the areas of maximum strength of the swivel section, overcoming the inherent weakness of clone kingpinless designs
  • A tremendous range of wheel compositions and constructions to provide maximum performance and rollability while shrugging off every environmental threat, from rough floors and damaging debris to caustic chemicals and temperature extremes
  • A variety of zinc plating to resist corrosion
  • Stainless steel casters for longer life in caustic environments
  • High-performance wheel brakes and swivel locks that lead the way in innovation for precise tooling applications and caster needs
  • And the list just keeps going

At RWM the engineering is complex, but the goal is simple: to build unsurpassed performance, unmatched durability, unequaled longevity, and unerring applicability… into every caster, wheel and material handling product we ship!

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