When high load-bearing capacity is important, look to RWM Casters’ line of metal wheels, designed to shoulder loads beyond that of any other wheel material



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Our Industrial Metal Wheels

Cast-Iron Wheels

Our durable cast-iron wheels may look similar to inexpensive semi-steel wheels available from other manufacturers, but our products stand out from the rest. High-quality cast iron is more durable, versatile, and heat-resistant than semi-steel. It’s also more economical than forged steel when high capacity rather than impact strength is your priority.

We recommend heavy-duty cast-iron wheels for trolley carts of all sizes that must withstand high load-bearing applications of up to 10,000 pounds. Cast iron is perfectly suited for manufacturing, warehousing, and high-temperature settings, especially in conditions where the floor is rough concrete, woodblock, or another irregular surface. When other wheel materials get chewed up, cast-iron wheels keep on rolling!

Forged Steel Wheels

While cast iron is incredibly sturdy, it doesn’t offer the impact strength of forged steel. This material is virtually indestructible, with capacities up to 20,000 pounds. The incredible strength-to-weight ratio of forged steel caster wheels means they are ideal for the most rigorous industrial settings, from high-temperature autoclaves to heavy farm equipment to towlines and turntables.

Our forged-steel wheels come in various sizes ranging from 4 to 10 inches, with the largest wheels delivering the highest load capacities. Different brake options provide valuable customizability as well.