White Papers

case hardening
White Paper: The Importance of Hardened Raceways

In this white paper, we will be discussing the importance of metal hardening methods on Kingpinless caster raceways.

RWM Finishes: 696 Hour Salt Spray Test

RWM offers a vast variety of different finishes on our products. In order to really see how much exposure to the elements our finishes could take, we conducted a study on six of our most popular (or widely used) finishes.

Polyurethane Material
White Paper: Polyurethane Material Properties

There is a lot of talk about what type of polyurethane is used in industrial caster wheels. The goal of this white paper is to discuss the various types of polyurethane and examine the reasoning behind why RWM Casters chose Polytetramethylene Ether Glycol, or PTMEG, as its material of choice.

mold release proccess
White Paper: Mold Releasing Process and Silicone

With the increasing use of cast and injection molded wheels, questions of how these molded wheels are released from their molds and whether or not silicone is used in the process often arise. To answer this, it must first be understood that the release process for casting and injection molding are not the same and abide by different rules.

White Paper: Common Questions on Polyurethane and the Polyurethane Molding Process

As the use of polyurethane in industrial wheel applications has grown, several questions have popped up over and over again: What is the importance of a proper bonding procedure? How do you bond the urethane tread to the core? What is the purpose of the Post Cure? What is Durometer and how is this measured? How is the hardness of the urethane controlled?

White Paper – Primer on Zinc Plating

Corrosion prevention is a major concern in the caster industry. There are various finishes available to halt or postpone the development of corrosion over the life of a caster. The two primary methods used to prevent steel products from corroding are paint and Zinc Plating.

White Paper – Facts and Data on Twin Disc Wheel Design

Lead: In this whitepaper, we will discuss the ergonomic performance and real-world application of twin disc wheels as opposed to their conventional single wheel counterparts. In doing so, we will examine data from push-pull and rotary tests which disprove performance myths as well as effects of environment, capacity, and cost.

White Paper: Vulkollan Lifespan

White Paper: Vulkollan LifespanDuring our research into the use of Vulkollan, we have discovered that the material has a nominal service life of two years before it begins to break down. The principal reason for this is that Vulkollan is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water. During its life span the material pulls moisture from the surrounding air which, when combined with heat, begins to break down the polymer chains that give it the strength we know Vulkollan for.

Push pull testing
White Paper – Push/Pull Testing

Ergonomics is one of today’ biggest buzzwords when it comes to material handling products and with good reason. Every year, large sums of money are lost due to employee downtime and injuries sustained due to in-efficient material handling practices.

White Paper on Drum Testing

The drum test is one of the most common and informative tests performed in the caster industry today. If you have ever wondered what the primary function of the drum test machine is and why its test results are some of the most crucial in determining product viability, this paper will serve to answer your questions.