Nylon/Plastic/Phenolic Wheels

As a leading manufacturer of industrial wheels and casters, RWM Casters offers an inventory of high-quality nylon, plastic, and polyethylene wheels.



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Nylon/Plastic/Phenolic Wheels

Types of Nylon Wheels & Plastic Wheels

We offer the following categories of nylon and plastic wheels:
  • Our Durastan phenolic wheels reign supreme as the most economical caster wheel solution. They are molded from phenolic resin compounds to provide strength, density, and up to an 8,000-lb capacity. Durastan phenolic wheels resist degradation and corrosion, making them suitable for wet and cold conditions. They are appropriate for all floor types except resilient tile, and they should not be towed at high speeds.
  • Our polyolefin wheels are water- and chemical-resistant. They are also remarkably resilient against impact. Such qualities make these plastic trolley wheels appropriate for more applications than any other type of wheel.
  • Our pinnacle thermoplastic wheels are made from ultra-tough, glass-filled nylon. They offer extreme durability, high impact resistance, and non-marking qualities. They also roll more easily than many other hard tread wheels and handle high load capacities of up to 1,400 lbs.
  • Our high-temperature nylon wheels, as their name suggests, can withstand hot settings. Use them continuously at 475 degrees F or intermittently at up to 550 degrees F without fear of melting. These high-temperature caster wheels have excellent impact resistance at room temperature and load capacities of up to 1,400 lbs.
  • Our Ergo GT wheels are the best solid elastomer wheels found anywhere. They are constructed from a tough blend of elastomers with an advanced wheel design that allows them to bear loads of up to 3,400 lbs without breaking down. At the same time, they roll with minimal effort and absorb impacts that would shatter other wheels. They perform well at temperatures up to 275 degrees F, and are nearly maintenance-free, even after miles of rolling.
  • Our Ultron wheels are built to carry up to 16,500 lbs. These are incredibly heavy-duty wheels designed for transporting tremendous loads. They offer excellent rollability and are gentler on floors than steel and iron wheels. Plus, our Ultron wheels are proudly made in the USA.

Uses for Nylon, Plastic & Phenolic Wheels

Many industries rely on trolleys, dollies, carts, rolling racks, and other devices to transport goods efficiently. Our wide selection of customizable plastic and nylon wheels are appropriate for many settings, including but not limited to:

Choose RWM Casters for Nylon & Plastic Wheels

All of our nylon and plastic wheels come in numerous sizes, colors, and configurations to meet your needs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to customize your order. We’ll work closely with you to ensure we deliver the appropriate product for your commercial or industrial application. Remember to couple your wheels with our high-quality casters for ideal results. Ready to place an order for plastic, nylon, or phenolic wheels? Have more questions? Contact RWM Casters online or call 800-634-7704 for more information.