Material Handling Equipment

At RWM Casters, we specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality casters and wheels. Our worldwide customers have varying needs, so our catalog is incredibly diverse. Not only do we offer tens of thousands of standard products, but we also give our customers the option to customize application-specific products.

If you require not just casters and wheels, but material handling products to go with them, we have you covered! Our Rapidstock division is your source for hand trucks, platform trucks, and handicarts in any style and size imaginable. Choose a pre-built configuration, or if you have specific needs, follow the step-by-step instructions to build your own!

If your business or institution is looking for quality material handling solutions, reach out to RWM Casters at 877-683-0038 or contact us online!


Fixed-Hand Trucks

Fixed Hand truck

We offer the largest selection of aluminum fixed-hand trucks available anywhere. Choose from a variety of wheels, baseplates, handle styles, and accessories to ensure you end up with a product that meets your exact specifications.

Fixed-hand trucks are designed with strength, maneuverability, and ergonomics in mind. Adding an assortment of this material handling equipment to your workplace may greatly reduce the risk of employee injury.

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Convertible Hand Trucks

Convertible Hand Truck

For added flexibility in loading and transport, consider a convertible hand truck. Surprisingly lightweight yet durable, convertible hand trucks provide two tools in one, cutting your material handling storage space in half.

The equipment can stand upright on two wheels like a fixed hand truck to carry vertical loads, or it can collapse into a four-wheeled platform truck for moving bulky items. No tools are required to switch between upright and horizontal positions, providing a seamless, on-the-job transition in seconds. Plus, multiple sizes and options are available to facilitate various applications.

Build-a-Hand Truck System

Pin Handle with Top Grip                   Fixed Frame                 A complete Build A Hand Truck product

While you can find an incredible assortment of pre-built configurations in both fixed and convertible styles, you may be interested in building your own hand truck if your specifications are unique. We specialize in customizations and would be happy to work with you on your project.

The build-a-hand truck system is easy to use, guiding you from one component to the next and ensuring you don’t select incompatible options. A cost tracker lets you easily monitor your subtotal until your build is complete. Thanks to our expertise and product knowledge, we can offer custom hand trucks at great prices.

Platform Trucks

Platform Truck

Our line of reliable platform trucks can assist with jobs ranging from light-duty applications of under 500 pounds to heavy-duty requirements of up to 3,000 pounds. This material handling equipment is ideal for transporting audiovisual equipment, mail bins, potted plants, and other large, heavy items that must be carried flat rather than at a tilted angle. Our one-piece aluminum platform trucks are designed to last for years of strenuous use.


Handicarts and Dollies

Similar to upright hand trucks, handicarts are oriented vertically for improved maneuverability and stability when transporting tall loads. Our products are affordable and durable, designed to carry the brunt of the weight, so your workers avoid straining or injuring themselves. Every style of handcart we offer is lightweight and collapsible for easy transport and storage.

We have platform trucks that range from light-duty to heavy-duty applications and lightweight handicarts/dollies!

From fixed to convertible hand trucks and build-a-hand truck systems, if you have unique requirements, contact RWM Casters online or call 800-634-7704 to help you get the right equipment you need! 

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At RWM, the engineering is complex, but the goal is simple — to build unsurpassed performance, unmatched durability, unequaled longevity, and unerring application into every caster, wheel, and material handling product we create!

Contact us today or visit the RWM Rapidstock website to learn more about hand trucks and how to design a custom one to your standards. We can help you find the material handling equipment you’re looking for at 800-634-7704.

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