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Custom Industrial Casters

If you work in industrial manufacturing, you’re probably held to an impossibly high standard of efficiency. To meet the demands of your industry, you need the right manufacturing tools. Do you have an unusual, demanding, or colossal job coming up? When standard casters just won’t cut it, you need a custom solution from RWM Casters.

Our engineering team is willing and able to custom-manufacture nearly anything to suit any application. From the caster or wheel itself to any protective or powder coat finishes to added parts and accessories, no component is off-limits to customization!

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How Are Custom Casters Manufactured?

RWM has a team of designers and engineers who can create full 3D computer-aided design (CAD) renderings of the product you request. Whether you need an aerospace wheel capable of bearing a 15,000-pound load, a product that can withstand high-speed towing, or an ergonomic solution for an existing fleet of carts, we have you covered.

To help with the design process on your end, we provide access to over 600,000 CAD combinations that are ready to be adjusted to your unique needs. Our CAD downloads provide an easy way for you to preview custom products for your special application. Follow our CAD download instructions to get started!

What Aspects of Casters Can Be Customized?

At RWM, we have an in-house testing facility to ensure that all custom polyurethane wheels, shock-absorbing casters, and Kingpinless raceways can withstand the most demanding applications, regardless of what industry you plan to use the product for. This way, you can rest assured that your custom-made casters will perform as intended. If we find any compromises in the design you requested, we’ll let you know.

Here are the types of customizations you can make when ordering solutions from an industrial custom caster manufacturer:

  • Size: Specify the wheel diameter and width and overall height you require for your custom casters.
  • Load capacity: When determining the necessary strength for your wheels and casters, consider the weight of the equipment and its cargo divided by the number of wheels that will share the load.
  • Wheel type: The ideal wheel material depends on many factors, such as the need for floor protection, noise reduction, ergonomics, durability in high temperatures, and non-marking treads.
  • Bearings: Choose the type of bearings you want your wheels to have based on the ease of effort you require for beginning and maintaining rolling action.
  • Added parts and accessories: These include but aren’t limited to brake options, swivel locks, turntable adjustments, floor locks, field-installable foot guards, and, of course, custom paint jobs.

Ordering the correct wheel is critical for the success of your upcoming job. If you need help figuring out the proper customizations, don’t hesitate to ask! The experienced sales and customer service teams at RWM can assist you in finding the best fit for your needs, whether it’s a standard or custom solution.

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Choose RWM for Custom Casters

The applications for custom casters are virtually limitless. No matter your needs, you can turn to us with confidence, knowing we’ll help you place an order for the perfect industrial casters. We have been in the business since 1935 and never stop introducing new innovations and custom solutions for our customers.

RWM, the inventor of the Kingpinless caster, is the recognized market leader for industrial wheels and casters. Don’t purchase an inferior knockoff — contact RWM Casters at 800-634-7704 for proven winning solutions!

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