Recreational Vehicle Applications

The recreational vehicle industry requires high-quality casters built to endure heavy capacity service levels. RWM Casters offers a wide variety of caster and wheel options that are load-specific in their design and capable of ultimate efficiency within their working environment. From caster to wheel bearing to application – RWM has considered every aspect of performance and functionality.

Kingpinless Fabricated Steel Towing Casters

As the inventors of the now-industry-standard Kingpinless towing casters, we offer a wide variety of caster options. Depending on the load capacity you require and the towing speed anticipated, we supply durable casters with an optimal wheel diameter catered to your application, in heavy, medium, or light duty.

Our towline wheels are designed with a narrow footprint for easy maneuverability. You can choose from rigid top-plate design or twin-wheel swivels, with total or directional locks. The Kingpinless raceway ensures even load distribution and smooth swiveling action.

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Plastic Towline Series

This innovative towing caster offers extended service life, designed to essentially eliminate the common causes of caster failure. The urethane on iron wheel configuration can withstand the most abusive conditions.

The heavy-duty wheel options and carbon steel ball raceway design make these towline casters incredibly tough. The 95 series, for example, offers up to a 20,000-pound capacity. This series is used widely across industries including shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, military, metal fabrication, and many more.

Explore more of our caster options to discover which is most geared toward your specific application.

Custom Casters for RVs by RWM

On those occasions when our catalog products aren’t exactly right for your application, our experienced team can design custom casters especially for you. Simply explain your intended use and specifications, and our team will create custom recreational vehicle casters perfectly fitted to your needs. Our manufacturing process is meticulous and precise to ensure the casters you receive will perfectly suit your needs.

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Where to Find the Best Casters for the Recreational Vehicle Industry

With more than 80 years in business, RWM Casters is an industry leader, providing superior casters to a variety of industries, including aerospace, automobile, and towing. Our products increase your efficiency and ensure that your projects go smoothly. We perform rigorous testing to be certain we deliver superior casters for RVs, even on tight turnarounds. When you order from us, our customer service focus is evident.

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