Wheel Descriptions

RWM specializes in solutions for demanding automotive and ergonomic industrial applications. In addition to our Torus and Ergo GT wheels, these wheels are used for towlines and cellular work areas throughout the industry. These wheels offer a quieter alternative with additional polyurethane material for superior ride quality, service life, and sound dampening. These can be utilized on rigid casters to prevent sliding at higher speeds around sharp corners and pair well with Torus wheels on the swivel casters to keep push/pull to a minimum. Contact RWM today for help with the best possible setup for your application needs.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

polyurethane wheels

Automotive Wheels


RWM cast iron wheels are extremely long wearing. These wheels provide excellent resistance to shock and are a good choice for heavy loads in manufacturing and warehousing, especially on rough concrete, wood block, and other rough surface conditions. Our cast iron wheels are made of much stronger material than inexpensive semi-steel wheels offered by many other wheel manufacturers. These cast iron wheels can withstand high temperatures and exposure to water or the environment, but they will rust over time. Cast iron wheels can also withstand exposure to chemicals, grease, oils, etc.

Temperature Range: -40° to +800° Fahrenheit

metal wheels 

Cast Iron Wheels

Polyurethane wheels

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Wheels


Durastan phenolic wheels are made from macerated cotton canvas and mixed with a quality premium phenolic resin compound. They are molded under high pressure under controlled conditions to produce a maximum density, superior strength product. Durastan phenolic wheels are extremely hard 90 Shore D and roll very easily. They are not as loud as steel wheels and provide better floor protection.

Durastan wheels are a very popular wheel and are used in a wide range of industrial applications including manufacturing, warehousing, and bakeries. Durastan phenolic wheels are very economical. They are capable of withstanding heat ranges from -50° to +250° Fahrenheit. Special high-temperature Durastan phenolic wheels are available for -45° to +475° Fahrenheit applications found in industrial bakeries and other high temperature applications.

Extra heavy-duty laminated Durastan phenolic wheels are also available. They offer a 25% higher rated capacity and added shock load capacity. All Durastan phenolic wheels are resistant to oils, grease, gasoline, and most commonly used chemicals and water. Durastan phenolic wheels are not recommended for submerged or constant wet environments. Durastan phenolic wheels should not be towed at high speeds or used on poor or damaged floor surfaces.

Temperature Range: -50° to +250° Fahrenheit (model dependent)

Temperature Range: -45° to +475° Fahrenheit (model dependent)

polyurethane wheels 

Durastan Phenolic Wheels


RWM elastomeric high-tensile rubber wheels are incredible molded rubber wheels that are rated at 200% more than normal molded rubber wheels. The high-quality high-tensile premium rubber is bonded to a heavy-duty solid web cast iron core. This rubber wheel will not crack, chunk, dry out, or debond. These elastomeric high-tensile rubber wheels are excellent for towing applications in both indoor or outdoor environments. They can be used at higher rated towing speeds than other wheels. Please contact the factory for additional information.

RWM elastomeric high-tensile rubber wheels provide excellent floor protection, are quiet, and roll easily over debris. They will not mark floors. They are an excellent caster for large assembly plants, freight terminals, automotive plants, and continuous use operations.

Temperature Range: -30° to +140° Fahrenheit

Elastomeric High Tensile Non-Marking Rubber Wheels


RWM elastomeric high-tensile rubber wheels are incredible molded rubber wheels that perform well at 200% of normal molded rubber capacity. They are excellent for towing applications. The solid core provides superior strength and the rubber does not chunk out. These elastomeric high-tensile rubber wheels may mark floors. These lighter rubber wheels reduce the weight of carts and increase the amount of loads that carts can carry. RWM elastomeric high-tensile rubber wheels may be the best all-purpose towing wheel in the industry.

iron wheel 

Elastomeric High Tensile Rubber Wheels


As casters roll across surfaces, an electrical charge is generated. A static dissipative material has medium resistance to electrical flow. This means a static dissipative caster wheel allows electricity to flow through the unit. The static electricity flows through the ESD material and is released into conductive flooring as opposed to being transferred through the cart and materials being transported. RWM ESD wheels are perfect for carts used within manufacturing plants transporting sensitive goods such as computer chips, circuit boards, and any other electronics requiring ESD protection. RWM ESD wheels are non-marking and will also reduce the push/pull force necessary for cart movement.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

esd wheel wheels

ESD Wheels

esd rubber wheels

ESD Rubber Wheels


The RWM GT wheel is a high-performance wheel that combines the toughness of blended elastomers and quality steel with the advanced wheel design to carry heavy loads without component breakdown. It will resist most chemicals in industrial and institutional environments. The GT wheel will perform continuously for extended periods on all surfaces and under all conditions. This wheel provides excellent rollability with minimum effort. It will absorb impacts without damage that would shatter other wheels. The GT wheel will perform under the most extreme temperatures, almost entirely maintenance free, and will roll mile after mile with virtually no tread wear. Available with sealed precision ball bearing only. 75 Shore D Durometer.

Temperature Range: -40° to +275° Fahrenheit

GT Solid Elastomer Wheels


RWM hard rubber wheels are used where low-cost, easy-rolling wheels are required. Hard rubber wheels offer good floor protection, are quieter than steel wheels, and are strong and chip resistant. These wheels have a center line located in the middle of the tread. This center line, even when removed as close as possible, can cause damage to soft inexpensive floors. Hard rubber wheels can become brittle over time, and more so when exposed to outdoor elements. Hard rubber wheels can crack when dropped from limited heights or subjected to impact or shock.

Temperature Range: -30° to +160° Fahrenheit

Hard Rubber Wheels


Our high-temperature glass-filled nylon wheels are molded from reinforced nylon specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and provide excellent wear resistance. These nylon wheels can be used continuously at 350° Fahrenheit and intermittently up to 550° Fahrenheit.

High-temperature glass-filled nylon wheels are able to handle high load capacities and have excellent impact resistance at room temperature. These high-temp nylon wheels are highly resistant to water, cooking oils, fats, petroleum-based products, common cleaning solutions, solvents, acids, and salt.

RWM high-temperature nylon wheels outlast and outperform all other high-temperature wheels. They can be used in bakeries, smokehouses, curing ovens, autoclaves, mobile powder coating racks, and other high-temperature applications. 85 Shore D Durometer.

Temperature Range: -40° to 550° Fahrenheit

polyurethane wheels 

High Temperature Nylon Wheels


Ultra-elastic high rebound soft tread polyurethane wheels are a great solution for floor protection, noise reduction, and lateral grip in towed applications.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

kingpinless caster

Cast Iron Wheels


RWM mold-on rubber tread wheels are constructed by molding high-quality rubber to cast iron cores. All RWM mold-on rubber wheels are floor protective, provide long tread life, are quiet in operation, and are highly resilient. Mold-on rubber wheels are suggested for use on all types of floors and numerous applications. The standard RWM mold-on rubber tread is 75 Shore A durometer. Mold-on rubber wheels are popular and used in principally inexpensive applications such as trash containers, platform trucks, lumber carts, and many manually pushed low cost applications. These wheels should be replaced as soon as they start to crack, chunk, or tear apart. They do not handle overloading or towing. Although economical, the RWM mold-on rubber wheel utilizes a higher-grade rubber tread material that significantly outperforms wheels produced by other manufacturers. 75 Shore A Durometer.

Temperature Range: -40° to +160° Fahrenheit

tile -pn 

Mold On Rubber


RWM Casters’ Ultron wheels are as strong as steel. These wheels are EXTREMELY heavy-duty wheels designed for severe loads. They have great rollability and are easier on floors than steel and iron wheels. Ultron wheels do not chunk or separate under extreme applications. They are resilient against high temperature buildup from bearings and friction. Our Ultron wheels are proudly made in the USA.

These Ultron wheels are not for use in heavily acidic or basic environments. Contact RWM for larger sizes. Hub length includes top hat bushings. 3″ wide wheels require 4 precision ball bearings.

Temperature Range: -40°F to +300°F

rubber wheels 

Ultron Wheels


The Omega wheel is a patented urethane wheel developed for caster applications. This polyurethane wheel achieves its load bearing and enhanced impact absorbing capabilities through a patented web/spoke design. When the wheel encounters an obstacle, it flexes, cushioning the load, and rebounds to its original shape. It retains bond at high speeds and resists picking up metal chips.

The Omega tread resists chunking and tearing, and reduces noise more than standard polyurethane wheels. It eliminates the need for spring-loaded casters. This wheel has been tested and engineered for 5 years. This design has been optimized to carry high loads at high speeds. Omega wheels are built to industry standards and can be retrofitted to any caster rig using the same size wheels.

kingpinless caster 

Omega Wheels


Performance TPR wheels are specially engineered to provide unsurpassed durability and reliability. This premium wheel combines the durability of a hard tread wheel with the quiet floor protection of a soft tread wheel. They are made of a thermoplastic elastomer that is permanently bonded to a polypropylene core and will not mark floors. The Performance TPR wheel is resistant to chemicals, acids, bases, alcohols, salts, and steam. This attractive wheel accommodates a large number of industries and a limitless number of applications such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, factories, warehouses, and shop floors.

The Performance TPR wheel tread material can be made to various durometers. The RWM Performance wheel is made to 40 Shore D. This harness provides all the benefits of a soft rubber wheel while additionally providing the lowest breakaway force and minimal force to pull results. Performance wheels are extremely resilient and easily roll over debris and uneven surfaces.

These wheels are becoming very popular in institutional, food service, retail display, and all types of industrial and manufacturing environments. Performance wheels are available in both flat and round treads. The flat tread provides maximum load surface while the round tread provides easy turning. 40 Shore D Durometer.

Temperature Range: -45° to +120°

polyurethane wheels

Performance TPR Wheels


Pinnacle thermoplastic wheels are ultra-tough glass-filled nylon non-marking wheels that are extremely durable and deflect floor debris with very high impact resistance. Pinnacle thermoplastic wheels roll easily and are able to handle high load capacities requiring far less force to roll than other hard tread wheels. This very economical nylon wheel is resistant to water, most chemicals, solvents, salts, and steam cleaning. Pinnacle thermoplastic wheels are available with roller bearings, iolite, Celcon, or plain bores, and are standard black in color. 85 Shore D Durometer.

Temperature Range: -40° to +350° Fahrenheit

tile -pn 

Pinnacle Thermoplastic Wheels


RWM pneumatic wheels offer optimum floor protection and move freely over obstructions and rough floors. Pneumatic wheels provide smooth, shock-resistant operation for delicate instruments and breakable components. Pneumatic wheels can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications where product protection is required. They are excellent for use on carts and platform trucks for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications requiring a cushioned ride. Pneumatic wheels are great for carrying electronics, sound and lighting equipment, glass, ceramics, chemicals, and fragile retail goods, and as an all-around good wheel on general duty carts for almost all light- and medium-duty applications.

Pneumatic wheels are great for use on carts traveling on uneven floors and capable of rolling on different terrain such as cement, asphalt, dirt, gravel, rock, or grass. Common wheels used on equipment like luggage carts, hand trucks, dollies, generators, compressors, pressure washers, diagnostic equipment, tool boxes, and a great variety of lawn and garden equipment, like snow blowers, tillers, fertilizers, lawn mowers, and wheelbarrows.

The two main downsides of pneumatic wheels are their size and the fact that they can be punctured and go flat. Pneumatic wheels can be filled with foam to stop them from going flat. This is an additional cost, however, and increases the weight of the wheel. The standard color is black and they can mark floors.

Temperature Range: -26° to +220° Fahrenheit

rubber tire wheel 

Pneumatic Wheels


Polyolefin wheels are an excellent low-cost wheel. Polyolefin is a very durable plastic material. It has superior resistance to water and chemicals. It has better abrasion resistance than hard rubber and a remarkable ability to withstand impact. Polyolefin wheels can be used in a wide range of applications including bakeries, meat processing and packaging, dairies, food processing, laundries, supermarkets, offices, warehousing, and manufacturing.

Most sizes of polyolefin wheels have a slightly crowned tread offering excellent rollability and maneuverability. Various sizes, bores, and bearings are available for our polyolefin wheels. Our standard color is black, but it can be ordered in white.

Temperature Range: -20° to +230° Fahrenheit

metal wheel rwm casters 

Polyolefin Wheels


The RWM Signature™ Premium Wheel has a lightweight, reinforced nylon core with a high-strength non-marking elastomeric rubber tread. The round tread provides easy rolling. Our durable nylon core is six times stronger than polypropylene. The performance rubber tread is cut, tear, and corrosion-resistant and will not chunk out. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any wheel in the industry. The Signature™ Premium Wheel is excellent for floor protection, continuous towing, and noise reduction.

Temperature Range: -40° to +200° Fahrenheit

easy rolling wheels 

RWM Signature™ Premium Wheels


RWM soft rubber wheels are a good choice for those applications where the average load is light with occasional loads using the full capacity of the wheel. Soft rubber wheels are manufactured of quality materials with a resilient rubber tread bonded to the hard rubber core. These rubber wheels are an economical choice for moving equipment.

Soft rubber wheels offer floor protection but can leave black marks on floors. Soft rubber wheels wear on rough surfaces and can become brittle if left outdoors, exposed to the elements. Economical in smaller sizes, soft rubber wheels become more expensive in larger sizes, especially when premium rubber material is used.

Temperature Range: -40° to +120° Fahrenheit

rubber wheels 

Soft Rubber Wheels


The RWM solid urethane wheels offer quiet operation and rollability. This non-marking wheel is resistant to grease, oil, chemicals, and moisture. In addition, it is also resistant to chunking, cutting, and abrasive wear.

Metal Wheel 

Solid Urethane Wheels


RWM steel wheels are hot forged from medium carbon steel, providing maximum strength and durability. These wheels are virtually indestructible within their capacity range. Steel wheels can be used in the roughest, most demanding, abusive applications on the poorest floors under the heaviest of loads. These steel wheels should not be confused with ductile iron or heavy-duty cast iron wheels offering both lower cost and reduced capacities. RWM steel wheels are the only choice when extra heavy duty loads on poor floor conditions need to be moved safely.

RWM machined steel flanged wheels are designed with the most gruesome applications in mind. These industrial track wheels optimize production flow by running on tracks instead of the production floor itself, preventing damage to your floors and aiding in rollability. Capable of handling the largest loads, these steel flanged wheels are the best solution to move the heaviest of projects and are proudly made in the USA! RWM machined steel flanged wheels are induction heat treated for extended service life and long-term abuse.

Temperature Range: -50° to +800° Fahrenheit

metal wheels rwm casters

Forged Steel Wheels

Metal wheel insert

Machined Steel Flanged Wheels


The Torus Wheel™ is an exceptional wheel for continuous towline applications. It was developed specifically for automotive manufacturing assembly lines. RWM’s premium PTMEG urethane is both chemically and mechanically bonded to a strong aluminum core. This prevents tread separation and ensures maximum service life, especially in demanding continuous use applications.

The Torus Wheel™ has an aluminum core that provides a lightweight, long-lasting attractive alternative to cast iron. The Torus Wheel™ offers excellent floor protection and noise reduction and is able to roll over small debris. Available with sealed precision ball bearing only. 80 and 92 Shore A Durometer.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

tile torous 

Torus™ Wheel


Ultra-elastic high rebound soft tread polyurethane wheels are a great solution for floor protection, noise reduction and lateral grip in towed applications or where minimizing floor contact pressure is ideal. These wheels utilize the same ultra HD core as our Whisper wheels while providing even more noise reduction, shock dampening, and rebound capability.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

polyurethane wheels

Cast Iron Wheels


RWM’s 70D hard tread polyurethane wheels are great for applications requiring a robust wheel with a reinforced core and thick tread while improving rollability over standard polyurethanes. These wheels utilize the same ultra HD core design as our standard Whisper wheels while providing an easier-to-roll solution beneficial for AGVs.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

polyurethane wheel 

Cast Iron Wheels


Ultra-thick urethane wheels solve performance applications previously requiring press-on wheels. The thick tread reduces contact stresses in the polyurethane during high loading and towing, which reduces tread chunking. These liquid cast wheels feature a chemical and mechanical lock between the core and the urethane. Our premium PTMEG urethane provides longer service life, better wear and tear characteristics, and rejects floor debris.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

RWM Casters rubber wheels 

Ultra Thick Urethane Wheels


RWM urethane on aluminum core wheels roll easier and outlast rubber wheels. RWM urethane treads are a high-quality liquid cast polyurethane chemically bonded to our aluminum cores. Aluminum core does not rust, but can corrode when exposed to certain cleaners and solvents (use MU wheel as alternative). Aluminum core has an attractive, strong metallic look. We crown the wheels slightly to reduce the energy needed to turn the wheel when under a heavy load. All RWM urethane tread wheels offer capacities approaching those of steel wheels, outstanding abrasion resistance, oil, and chemical resistance. In addition, these wheels are non-marking and protect floors. Many have found these wheels provide excellent rollability and are versatile enough to use on a variety of floor surfaces. Our premium PTMEG urethane provides longer service life, better wear and tear characteristics, and rejects floor debris.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

polyurethane wheels 

Urethane on Aluminum Wheels


RWM urethane on iron wheels are liquid cast and chemically bonded to our machined cast iron cores. The core is a heavy-duty solid web design with an oversized hub, enabling it to be machined to be fitted for special bearings or a keyway. Careful attention is made during the bonding process to assure that each urethane on iron wheel meets or exceeds RWM’s high standards of performance. They will outlast rubber wheels. In addition, these wheels are non-marking to floors and provide a quieter ride than hard tread or steel wheels. Urethane wheels also provide outstanding abrasion resistance and are resistant to most chemicals, grease, oils, and water. Our premium PTMEG urethane provides longer service life, better wear and tear characteristics, and rejects floor debris. All wheels up to 8″ x 2-1/2″ wide are standard crown tread that reduces the amount of friction between the tread and the floor, improving the rollability and maneuverability of the wheel.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

polyurethane wheels 

Urethane on Iron Wheels


Urethane on polypropylene wheels are very popular, attractive, lightweight, and extremely durable wheels used in countless applications. The combination of both materials provides for a long-lasting, long-wearing wheel that is impervious to water (including salt water), resistant to oils, grease, and most solvents and chemicals. Urethane on polyurethane wheels are typically used in commercial, industrial, and food service applications.

The polyurethane tread is non-marking and offers a quiet ride, floor protection, and excellent capacity ratings. These polyurethane wheels have a slight crown so that they maneuver very well. They are used in large numbers in the retail industry, shopping carts, platform trucks, etc. and can be washed down offering excellent sanitary applications. The polyurethane is mechanically bonded to a high-density polypropylene core. This mechanical bond eliminates bond separation in wet or submerged conditions. These urethane on polyurethane wheels provide a smooth ride over rough surfaces. 95 Shore A Durometer.

Temperature Range: -40° to +175° Fahrenheit

polyurethane wheels 

Urethane on Polypropylene Wheels


RWM urethane solid wheels are designed primarily for applications involving high moisture. Injection molded Hytrel urethane, the urethane solid wheels provide extended service in moisture applications that normally destroy conventionally bonded urethane wheels. The standard durometer of RWM urethane solid wheels is 75 on the Shore D scale.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

Urethane Solid Wheels


RWM V-groove wheels are high strength cast iron (VI) castings or forged steel (VF) forgings machined with a 90° groove for operation on an inverted angle iron track. V-groove wheels are used to control the flow of a load, i.e., into an oven, between machines, over long distances, or where “production line” sequence is required.

Care must be taken to assure the inverted angle iron track is parallel to ensure smooth and constant tracking. In some cases it may be advisable to run inverted angle iron on one side with V-groove wheels and flat bar stock steel on the other side with a flat-faced cast iron or forged steel wheel.

Temperature Range: -50° to +800° Fahrenheit

wheeled bearing 

V-Groove Wheels


RWM Infinity Vulkollan® Wheels have exceptional abrasion resistance, high tear strength, and up to ten times the life of natural rubber wheels under similar loads and conditions. Load capacities are greater than similarly designed wheels, enabling the use of a smaller diameter wheel if required. These wheels are excellent for towing applications.

Our Infinity Vulkollan® Wheels are resistant to a wide range of oils, greases, and chemicals, but are sensitive to hydrolyzing agents such as hot water, steam and hot moist air, strong acids, and alcohols. They offer excellent recovery from long periods of heavy static loading combined with low rolling resistance and floor saving capabilities.

Temperature Range: -20° to +200° Fahrenheit

polyurethane wheels 

Infinity Vulkollan® Wheels


The Whisper Wheel is a unique design in which one inch of urethane is molded to a specially machined cast iron core. The core is uniquely machined and the urethane is then mechanically and chemically bonded to the core. This unique design provides you with a wheel that is longer wearing than standard urethane wheel designs, resists lateral delamination of the tread, and reduces noise and provides a quiet ride. Our premium PTMEG urethane provides longer service life, better wear and tear characteristics, and rejects floor debris.

Temperature Range: -40° to +180° Fahrenheit

polyurethane wheels

Whisper Wheels HD Urethane on Iron