Medical Industry Applications

Patients depend on wheels and casters in the medical industry. In some cases, their very lives depend on the quality of the wheels transporting them or the life-saving equipment they need. At RWM Casters, we offer a wide range of wheels designed for hospitals, surgical centers, laboratories, and more. When lives depend on smooth and safe operation, you can count on RWM Casters!

Casters for Use in the Medical Industry

Here at RWM, we manufacture and offer a wide range of caster and wheel products suitable for the unique needs of hospitals, surgical centers, labs, and other settings within the medical industry. Some of our casters that are best suited for these uses are:

Shock-Absorbing Casters

shock absorbing caster

Our shock-absorbing casters are designed to transport loads of between 100 lbs. and 18,000 lbs. They provide a smooth, steady ride that reduces vibrations and minimizes noise. The smooth swiveling action of the wheels allows for an incredibly short turning radius which makes it ideal for hospital corridors and laboratory settings.

Kingpin Casters

metal caster

Our Kingpin casters are designed to provide smooth transport for heavy items. Easily one of our most maneuverable wheels, the Kingpin caster is ideal for carts. We manufacture a full range of Kingpin casters that offer a capacity per pound of between 2,000 lbs. and 20,000 lbs. This means you can use our wheels to transport patients, ventilators, crash carts, portable x-ray equipment, and more.

Maintenance-Free Casters

metal caster

Time is money, and it takes time to maintain your equipment. We’re happy to help reduce your workload by offering our maintenance-free casters for your medical applications. Our maintenance-free casters don’t require raceway greasing or other maintenance tasks. Even without maintenance, these casters still deliver the same noise reduction and lower push/pull force of our other wheels, as well as a long-term service life.

Stainless Steel Casters

Kingpin caster

Our stainless steel casters are nearly impervious to corrosion. They are ideal for use within environments where caustic substances and other exposures can damage other types of casters. They are heat-resistant and ideal for use within medical applications, including within hospitals, laboratories, surgical centers, and more. We manufacture several types of stainless steel casters, each with its own unique features and advantages, making it easy to select the wheel best suited for your environment and needs.

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