V-Groove Wheels CAD

If you need industrial track wheels for your production line, consider everything V-groove wheels have to offer. These could be the right type of wheels for the job at hand, but with many different wheel sizes, bearing styles, and groove dimensions to choose from, it’s vital that you carefully customize your order to meet your needs.

That’s why RWM Casters provides our customers with a computer-aided design (CAD) tool. Downloadable 3D models and PDF datasheets simplify the process and give you complete confidence when placing your order. To get started, all you need is a free account and the specifications required for the wheels you want to order.

If you have questions about using our CAD tool, or you want to learn more about V-groove wheels, please contact RWM at 800-634-7704.

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CAD Download Instructions

Benefits of CAD Files

We understand that shopping for industrial track wheels isn’t always easy. By offering free CAD models for your use, we hope to make customizing your order simpler than ever. Try changing the filters in the CAD downloader, and see how it affects the preview rendering. When you make a selection, some boxes grey out to prevent you from selecting incompatible combinations. This lets you examine and modify every aspect of your V-groove wheels until they’re perfect for your needs.

RWM has over 600,000 CAD models available for immediate download. Choose your preferred file format to work with any 2D or 3D CAD viewing software. The downloads remain yours forever, so you can easily reference the specifications and quickly reorder parts when necessary.

About V-Groove Wheels

V-groove wheels get their name from the V-shaped channel that allows them to ride along an inverted angle iron track. They also have a flat surface along both sides of the groove that allows the wheels to roll along the floor when off the track.

V-groove wheels are available in numerous sizes (4 to 12 inches) and capacities (700 to 15,000 lbs). They are suitable anywhere you need to control the flow of a load—such as into an oven, between machines, or over long distances—as well as anywhere a production line sequence is required.

V-groove wheels from RWM come in two primary forms: high-strength cast iron (VI) castings and forged steel (VF) forgings. To ensure smooth and constant tracking, consider running an inverted angle iron on one side with V-groove wheels and flat bar stock steel on the other side with a flat-faced cast iron or forged steel wheel. If you’re not sure will work for your application, RWM can provide expert advice.

Why Choose RWM?

We are proud to be a leading domestic manufacturer of industrial wheels and casters. Our mission over the past 85 years in business has been to combine our superior engineering experience with modern manufacturing techniques to provide high-quality products and unwavering customer satisfaction. From the efficient performance of our 4-inch, 700-lb capacity VI V-groove wheels to the brute strength of our 10-inch, 15,000-lb capacity VF V-groove wheels, you’re sure to find the perfect product for your needs.

Get started with our CAD configurator today! If you need help or have questions along the way, please contact RWM at 800-634-7704.