Wheel Selection Charts

Below you will find references for proper industrial wheel selection based on surfaces used, ease of rolling, load, noise, floor protection and more in the Wheel Selection Chart. The Wheel Capacity Range chart shows wheels by type and capacities and the Guidelines for Selecting Wheel Diameters helps with choosing the correct wheel for general weights. We’ve also included a Wheel Hardness Comparison Chart that ranks wheel types, tread materials and durometers.

wheel selector chart

Wheel Selector Aid Chart (Manual Operation)

wheel capacity range by type
NOTE: This chart is very general in scope. For applications other than normal factory or warehouse conditions, we strongly recommend you contact your RWM representative.

Wheel Capacity Range by Type


Total Weight
Including Cart
Wheel Diameter Total Weight
Including Cart
Wheel Diameter Total Weight
Including Cart
Wheel Diameter
20 to 250 3″ 500 to 1000 5″ 1500 to 2000 8″
250 to 500 4″ 1000 to 1500 6″ 2000 to 3000 10″

Wheel Hardness Comparison Chart

Wheel Type Tread Material Durometer Scale
SR Soft Tread Rubber 70 – 80 A
HR Hard Tread Rubber 75 – 85 D
DU Phenolics 145 – 150 R
UI, UT, UO, UW, UP, UA, INF Polyurethane 90-95 A
UI, UT, UW 80 A Polyurethane 80-85 A
UI, UT, UW, SU, MU 70D Polyurethane 70-75 D
RI, RA, SW Rubber 70-80 A
RP Gray Rubber 70-80 A
PO Polyolefin, Polypropylene 55-75 D
SW EHT Rubber 65-70 A
FN Pneumatic 60-65 A


comparison chart