65 Series Kingpinless™ Casters CAD

If you’re looking for heavy-duty casters suitable for your automotive towline, assembly line, or other industrial application, the 65 Series Kingpinless™ casters could be right for you. At RWM Casters, we are pleased to offer computer-aided design (CAD) downloads to help you customize your order.

It’s easy to get started! You’ve already chosen the 65 Series Kingpinless caster, so the next step is to customize the type and finish, wheel diameter, bearing, swivel lock, and other customizations. As you make changes, you will see a 3D rendering of the product on your screen.

Before you can download your customized model, you must click “Create a New Account” and supply a username/email address and password. Our CAD library is free, and we encourage customers to download as many models as they would like.

Begin customizing your 65 Series Kingpinless casters below. If you have any questions about utilizing our CAD library, or you want to know more about Kingpinless casters, please contact RWM at 800-634-7704.

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CAD Download Instructions

Benefits of CAD Files

Having a CAD configurator at your fingertips helps you purchase the correct products for the commercial or industrial use you have in mind. RWM’s massive CAD library lets you create over 600,000 unique configurations, each of which is available for immediate download.

With precise dimensions and specification details for every wheel or caster you need, you’ll feel confident placing your order without having to search for parts or attempt to recreate the perfect configuration yourself. Plus, you can keep the models on hand for easy access if you ever need to reorder anything.

The 65 Series Kingpinless Caster

The 65 Series is one of our most popular casters. RWM patented the Kingpinless design for heavy-duty industrial use. Now copied the world over, RWM is the only place you can order the original, time-tested design. Kingpinless casters have an unmatched service life and lower chance of failure because of their impressive strength.

The 65 Series is rated up to an impressive 2,000 lb capacity, making it ideal for many industrial and manufacturing applications, such as aircraft maintenance and support, towing, and assembly lines. We proudly manufacture the 65 Series Kingpinless casters in the USA for quality assurance purposes.

Why Choose RWM?

We keep standard 65 Series Kingpinless casters in stock and ready to order. However, if you realize that you need custom heavy-duty casters and wheels to meet your specifications, RWM can make your request a reality. Our CAD library makes it easy to customize everything from wheel types to swivel lock configurations to top plate options.

After customizing your casters and placing your order, RWM puts your product to the test in our in-house facility. By subjecting your custom casters to quality control measures, we ensure that they are more than capable of handling the job you have in mind. If we discover a problem during testing, we can help you configure a more effective product for your application.

Try configuring and downloading CAD files from RWM Casters today! If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us at 800-634-7704.