65 Series Casters

65 Series Casters

Heavy-Duty Kingpinless Casters

RWM Casters is proud to be the inventor of the original Kingpinless™ casters, the best solution for demanding, high-capacity, and abusive settings. The 65 Series is a suitable option if you need casters for manufacturing, heavy-duty industrial, aerospace, or automotive applications. The Kingpinless design is simply unmatched in its ability to extend the caster’s service life and reduce the possibility of failure. Our 65 Series casters are proudly made in the USA.

Benefits of the 65 Series Kingpinless Caster

Consider the benefits of this heavy-duty caster for towing, aircraft maintenance, and other industrial applications:

  • Optimal performance and longevity: Kingpinless casters are suitable anytime you want a smooth swiveling action and exceptional maneuverability. All swivel actions come with a lubrication fitting for field maintenance. Plus, our single ball bearing, precision-machined, and case-hardened raceways ensure superior operation and a longer life span compared to copycat Kingpinless designs.
  • Strength: The 65 Series is rated at up to 2,000 lbs per caster for impressive capacity when you need it. The Kingpinless raceways offer extra impact resistance and high radial force absorption. Plus, more thorough heat treatment and added mass at key points provide additional strength and combat material surface failure caused by excessive stress.
  • Versatility: Available in 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-inch sizes, you can couple the 65 Series with any two-inch-wide wheels to meet your needs. Popular options include forged steelperformance TPRrubber on iron, and many others, depending on your specifications.
  • Corrosion resistance: The frame is plated in zinc to protect against corrosion in settings where the casters may be exposed to water, steam, cleaning agents, or other corrosive chemicals.


Raceway Design Patented Kingpinless™ single ball bearing precision-machined raceway hardened to 53 Rockwell C. minimum. Swivel section features 2-3/8” diameter raceway with 3/8” ball bearings.
Capacity Up to 2000 lbs.
Swivel Section All swivel sections are supplied with a lubrication fitting for field maintenance
Leg Thickness 1/4” formed steel
Axle 1/2” bolt and locking nut drilled with lube fitting
Finish Zinc plated to protect against corrosion
Mounting Plate Size 4” x 4-1/2” x 1/4”
Bolt Hole Spacing 2-5/8” x 3-5/8” slotted to 3” x 3”
Mounting Bolt Diameter 3/8”


Aircraft maintenance and support applications Heavy duty industrial applications
Towing applications Manufacturing applications
Automotive assembly lines
Kingpinless Raceway Diagram


ICWB Installable Face Contact Brake
MICWB Metal Installable Cam Wheel Brake
*WB Side Wheel Brake
*WWB Wraparound Wheel Brake
CWB Cam Wheel Brake
DSL Demountable Swivel Lock
DLSL Demountable L-Handle Lock
SL Swivel Lock
FOSL Foot Operated Swivel Lock
LP Locking Plate-Total Lock for 8" Casters Only
HT High Temperature Lubrication
LT Low Temperature Lubrication
TG Thread Guards
WS Wheel Seals
FIFG Field Installable Foot Guard
FG Foot Guard
SR Sealed Raceway
HTP High Temperature Paint
65 Series Casters
4''1-1/2"1400Forged Steel5-5/8″65-FSR-0415-S65-FSC-0415-S1-3/16″9
4''2"350Performance TPR5-5/8″65-RPR-0420-S65-RPB-0420-S65-RPC-0420-S1-3/16″7.3
4''2"350Rubber on Iron5-5/8″65-RIR-0420-S65-RIC-0420-S1-3/16″8
4''2"600Urethane Polypropylene5-5/8″65-UPR-0420-S65-UPB-0420-S65-UPC-0420-S1-3/16″7.3
4''2"700Rubber on Aluminum5-5/8″65-RAB-0420-S-EHT1-3/16″8
4''2"700Solid Urethane5-5/8″65-MUB-0420-S1-3/16″7
4''2"700Urethane on Aluminum5-5/8″65-UAR-0420-S65-UAC-0420-S1-3/16″7.5
4''2"700Urethane on Iron5-5/8″65-UIR-0420-S65-UIC-0420-S1-3/16″8
4''2"800Cast Iron5-5/8″65-CIR-0420-S65-CIB-0420-S65-CIC-0420-S1-3/16″10
4''2"800High Temp. Nylon5-5/8″65-HNR-0420-S1-3/16″8
4''2"800V-Groove Iron5-5/8″65-VIR-0420-S65-VIC-0420-S1-3/16″10
4''2"2000Nylatron HD5-5/8″65-NYB-0420-S1-3/16″8.5
5''2"375Performance TPR6-1/2″65-RPR-0520-S65-RPB-0520-S65-RPC-0620-S1-3/8″7.3
5''2"400Rubber on Iron6-1/2″65-RIR-0520-S65-RIC-0520-S1-3/8″9
5''2"750Urethane Polypropylene6-1/2″65-UPR-0520-S65-UPB-0520-S65-UPC-0520-S1-3/8″
5''2"800Rubber on Aluminum6-1/2″65-RAB-0520-S-EHT1-3/8″
5''2"800V-Groove Iron6-1/2″65-VIR-0520-S65-VIC-0520-S1-3/8″12
5''2"1000Cast Iron6-1/2″65-CIR-0520-S65-CIB-0520-S65-CIC-0520-S1-3/8″12
5''2"1000High Temp. Nylon6-1/2″65-HNR-0520-S1-3/8″9
5''2"1000Solid Urethane6-1/2″65-MUB-0520-S1-3/8″7.6
5''2"1050Urethane on Aluminum6-1/2″65-UAR-0520-S65-UAC-0520-S1-3/8″
5''2"1050Urethane on Iron6-1/2″65-UIR-0520-S65-UIC-0520-S1-3/8″9
5''2"1500Forged Steel6-1/2″65-FSR-0520-S65-FSC-0520-S1-3/8″12
5''2"2000Nylatron HD6-1/2″65-NYB-0520-S1-3/8″9.5
6"2"410Rubber on Iron7-1/2″65-RIR-0620-S65-RIC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″10
6"2"525Performance TPR7-1/2″65-RPR-0620-S65-RPB-0620-S65-RPC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″7.7
6"2"600Signature7-1/2″65-SWR-0620-S65-SWB-0620-S65-SWC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″9
6"2"700Polyolefin7-1/2″65-POR-0620-S65-POB-0620-S65-POC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″8.7
6"2"820Rubber on Aluminum7-1/2″65-RAB-0620-S-EHT1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″10
6"2"900Urethane Polypropylene7-1/2″65-UPR-0620-S65-UPB-0620-S65-UPC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″7.7
6"2"1000Omega7-1/2″65-UOR-0620-S65-UOB-0620-S65-UOC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″12
6"2"1000V-Groove Iron7-1/2″65-VIR-0620-S65-VIC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″13
6"2"1200Cast Iron7-1/2″65-CIR-0620-S65-CIB-0620-S65-CIC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″13
6"2"1200Durastan7-1/2″65-DUR-0620-S65-DUB-0620-S65-DUC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″10
6"2"1200High Temp. Nylon7-1/2″65-HNR-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″10
6"2"1200Pinnacle7-1/2″65-PNR-0620-S65-PNB-0620-S65-PNC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″10
6"2"1200Solid Urethane7-1/2″65-MUB-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″9
6"2"1230Torus7-1/2″65-UIR-0620-S65-UIC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″11
6"2"1230Urethane on Aluminum7-1/2″65-UAR-0620-S65-UAC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″11
6"2"1230Urethane on Iron7-1/2″65-UIR-0620-S65-UIC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″
6"2"1500GT7-1/2″65-GTB-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″
6"2"1800Forged Steel7-1/2″65-FSR-0620-S65-FSC-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″
6"2"2000Nylatron HD7-1/2″65-NYB-0620-S1-9/16″ Optional 2-1/2″
8"2"500Rubber on Iron10-1/8″65-RIR-0820-S65-RIC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″11
8"2"600Performance TPR10-1/8″65-RPR-0820-S65-RPB-0820-S65-RPC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″9.1
8"2"700Signature10-1/8″65-SWR-0820-S65-SWB-0820-S65-SWC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″10
8"2"800Polyolefin10-1/8″65-POR-0820-S65-POB-0820-S65-POC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″9.1
8"2"1000Rubber on Aluminum10-1/8″65-RAB-0820-S-EHT2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″11
8"2"1000Urethane Polypropylene10-1/8″65-UPR-0820-S65-UPB-0820-S65-UPC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″9.1
8"2"1050Torus10-1/8″65-VIR-0820-S65-VIC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″16
8"2"1200Omega10-1/8″65-UOR-0820-S65-UOB-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″13
8"2"1400Cast Iron10-1/8″65-CIR-0820-S65-CIB-0820-S65-CIC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″16
8"2"1400Durastan10-1/8″65-DUR-0820-S65-DUB-0820-S65-DUC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″11
8"2"1400Pinnacle10-1/8″65-PNR-0820-S65-PNB-0820-S65-PNC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″11
8"2"1500Solid Urethane10-1/8″65-MUB-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″10
8"2"1500Torus10-1/8″65-UAB-0821-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″12
8"2"1500Urethane on Aluminum10-1/8″65-UAR-0820-S65-UAC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″12
8"2"1500Urethane on Iron10-1/8″65-UIR-0820-S65-UIC-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″13
8"2"1800GT10-1/8″65-GTB-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″11
8"2"2000Nylatron HD10-1/8″65-NYB-0820-S2 -1/4″ Optional 2-1/2″ & 3-1/2″12

Uses for 65 Series Casters

It’s essential to select the proper caster for the job at hand. Without the right features, your casters may be damaged under excessive weight, lack important safety features, or fail to function as intended. To make sure these scenarios don’t occur, we recommend working closely with RWM on your caster and wheel purchase, especially when placing your first order.

The 65 Series is one of our most popular Kingpinless casters. We recommend them for a wide range of medium- to heavy-duty applications, including:

  • Automotive towlines
  • Assembly lines
  • Luggage distribution
  • Aircraft construction
  • Aerospace maintenance and repairs

If our standard product line doesn’t meet your specifications, consider a custom solution. RWM offers a computer-aided design (CAD) tool that allows you to download and receive CAD files for 65 Series casters configured for your specific application. The configurator is free to use, and the designs you create are available for immediate download.

Choose RWM for 65 Series Kingpinless Casters

Since 1935, RWM has been engineering casters to outperform the competition. Our patented Kingpinless design dates back to the 1970s, and we have continued to provide our customers with innovative solutions to this day. The 65 Series is merely one example of this.

No matter which wheels, casters, or other material handling solutions you order from us, you can count on exceptional quality control and an emphasis on customer service. We are recognized as the market leader for industrial casters and can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

For additional caster and wheel options, application insights, and customization options, please contact RWM today at 800-634-7704.