Wheel Designs

We have provided more detailed industrial wheel design information below such as our high performance GT Wheel Design, our Omega Wheel Design Advantage, Tapered Bearing Adjustments, a Generic Wheel Print and a Wheel Selection Chart to help you with the selection of a wheel type based on several different criteria such as surface types, rolling ease, load carrying abilities, noise factors and more.


GT Wheel Design

gtThe GT wheel is a high performance wheel that combines the toughness of blended elastomers and quality steel with the advanced wheel design to carry heavy loads without component breakdown. It will resist most chemicals in industrial and institutional environments.


Omega Wheel Design Advantages

omegaThe Omega Wheel is a patented urethane wheel developed for caster applications. This polyurethane wheel achieves its load bearing and enhanced impact absorbing capabilities through a patented web/spoke design. When the wheel encounters an obstacle, it flexes, cushioning the load, and rebounds to its original shape. It retains bond at high speeds and resists picking up metal chips.


Tapered Bearing Adjustment

taperedA reference on adjusting and installing the RWM tapered bearing


Material Information

materialinfoPolyurethane – Learn why RWM’s PTMEG polyurethane results in a superior wheel for a wide variety of applications. Wheel Hardness Comparison Chart – Quick comparison of wheel hardnesses for rubber, urethane elastomers and plastic wheels.


Wheel Selection Chart

wheel selectionFind the right RWM wheel for you needs with this quick reference chart.


Generic Wheel Print

generic-wheelREAD MORE>