Best Wheels & Casters for the Medical Industry

The health and safety of your patients is your top priority. At RWM Casters, our priority is ensuring your healthcare facility has the reliable casters required to provide the care your patients depend on. Our precision-engineered casters are designed to withstand the rigors and challenges inherent to hospitals, clinics, laboratories, outpatient surgical centers, and other healthcare facilities. When you want ergonomic solutions that minimize noise, protect employees from injury, and improve patient care, you can rely on the casters we produce.

Navigating the Environment

The team at RWM has carefully considered many challenges, one of which is that healthcare facilities are inherently noisy. We know it’s crucial to utilize equipment designed to minimize operational noise and have designed casters that minimize noise while rolling over tile, linoleum, carpeting, concrete, and other surfaces.

Of course, the most important consideration in any healthcare environment is protecting patients against pathogens and maintaining as sterile an environment as possible. Here, too, our precision-manufactured casters incorporate design features that protect against the pickup and distribution of hair, dust, and other debris.

It is also vital to protect employees from personal injuries and flooring and the carts themselves from damage. Our high-grade casters are engineered to maximize rollability, ensure proper traction, and reduce the push/pull force required to move equipment.

These benefits come together to create a safe caster that won’t mark or gouge flooring, is easily controlled, and reduces strain on the operator. This translates to reduced maintenance, lower repair costs, and less downtime, which improves the quality of patient care and profitability of your healthcare facility.

Our Engineering & Design Process

The team at RWM considered every possible scenario when developing our selection of casters for healthcare facilities. The following are some of the many factors we’ve addressed:

  • Weight capacity: We offer a broad selection of casters with various capacities, which allows you to select the optimal caster for patient beds, crash carts, mobile equipment, etc.
  • Corrosion: Our corrosion-resistant casters are protected against exposure to water, bodily fluids, cleaning agents, and a wide range of chemicals.
  • Temperature: We offer casters capable of dependable operation in high-heat and low-temperature environments.
  • Wheels and brakes: We can customize our casters to include wheels and brakes suitable for use on a comprehensive range of flooring.

Our Casters for Medical Facilities

Shock-Absorbing Casters

RWM Casters has developed a superior selection of shock-absorbing casters. These casters incorporate a heavy-duty construction and spring-loaded design that facilitates smooth, cushioned motion over uneven flooring. Engineered to reduce shock and vibration, our casters will protect sensitive equipment and precious cargo from damage.

Our shock-absorbing casters can transport loads ranging from 100 pounds to more than 9 tons, making them suitable for a broad range of applications. Further, the enhanced swiveling action facilitates superior control and maneuverability. This is due to our use of notched yokes and sealed raceways, which provide smooth, reliable, and nearly maintenance-free operation.

The casters are available with cam wheel brakes or poly cam wheel brakes, and each caster can be customized to include a demountable swivel lock, heavy-duty demountable swivel lock, L-type swivel lock, or swivel lock of your choice. Finally, depending on your preference, we can finish the caster with either high-temperature paint or zinc plating.

Kingpin Casters

We’ve designed our Kingpin casters to transport between 2,000 and 20,000 pounds load capacities. This makes them suitable for patients, as well as portable X-ray equipment, ventilators, crash carts, food service carts, electrocardiograms, operating tables, furnishings, and a full range of mobile equipment.

We offer a comprehensive range of Kingpin casters, including:

  • CargoMax™
  • CargoMax™ Gold
  • VersaTrac 24® Series Casters
  • Office Product Casters
  • RK Series
  • RK 48 Series
  • WT Series
  • 40 Series
  • 45 Series
  • 46 Series
  • 52 Series
  • 53 Series
  • S45 Stainless Steel Casters
  • Economical Locking System Casters

Maintenance-Free Casters

Our maintenance-free casters incorporate sealed raceways that eliminate the need to grease bearings. When you want reliable solutions that minimize noise, require minimal push/pull force, and offer exceptional service life, consider the RK 48 Series, Freedom 48® Series, Freedom 58® Series, and Freedom 68® Series Casters.

Stainless Steel Casters

Our S45, S65, and S75 Stainless Steel Casters offer exceptional performance and durability. Each features remarkable heat resistance and corrosion protection, making them ideal for use in surgical centers, laboratories, hospitals, clinics, and more.

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