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Silence is golden, and our clients liken the Freedom 58 Series Caster to a silent partner that works hard to keep your business moving forward swiftly and efficiently. At RWM Casters, we are always working on ways to reinvent the wheel, and the Freedom 58 might be one of our greatest accomplishments yet!

Silence is golden and the Freedom 58 Series Caster line is engineered to reduce noise pollution within your business. Precision engineered to improve mobility and improve ergonomics, the 58 Series is designed to require minimal push/pull force while facilitating smooth, efficient motion in a maintenance-free configuration.

The 58 Series is available with an optional standard black electro-coating finish. It caster has double precision ball bearings set within a sealed raceway. This design delivers exceptional wear and tear resistance, as well as superior impact absorption. Once installed, the caster has a considerable load bearing capacity of up to 2000 lbs. which makes it suitable for towline, automotive, and many other medium to heavy duty applications.

The Benefits of 58 Series Casters

Our 58 Series caster is a hybrid that has incorporated the best features of the Freedom 48 and Freedom 68 Series casters. This configuration optimizes ergonomics by significantly reducing the push/pull force required to maneuver the caster. Additionally, the wheel is available with a 2-inch width and diameters of either 6 inches or 8 inches.

The 42ST/42RT top plate coupled with the sealed raceway design incorporated within the 58 Series Casters offers smooth, near silent operation. The design enhances durability and creates significant load capacity which makes them suitable for use within the most challenging operational conditions.

We also make it easy to select the optimal wheel for your needs. The Freedom 58 can be manufactured with polyolefin, rubber on aluminum, urethane on iron, Performance TPR, Signature, Omega, V-groove iron, Durastan, high-temperature nylon, forged steel, urethane polypropylene, cast iron, Torus, or Nylatron HD.

The 58 Series is also highly customizable and we can incorporate a broad range of options including demountable swivel locks, ICWB or MICWB wheel brakes, side wheel brakes, wrap around wheel breaks, cam wheel brakes, or foot guards.

Experience the RWM Difference

Our engineers, designers, and sales teams are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with the products we manufacture for your business. From design and delivery, to installation and maintenance, we provide a comprehensive range of support that ensures your casters deliver the performance you require. We offer ongoing maintenance support and repair services that ensure your casters go the distance and keep your business rolling forward towards your goals.

Why Choose RWM?

Since 1935, the teams at RWM Casters have proudly delivered the products that help our clients operate and grow their businesses. From hotel and hospitality venues, to healthcare facilities and factories, our products are designed and precision engineered to meet your needs. We engineer our products to outperform the competition and guarantee your satisfaction with our American-made casters, wheels, and accessories. We proudly set industry standards and incorporate the latest innovations to ensure our products continue to deliver the superior performance you require.

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What causes wheel chatter?

Wheel chatter, also called shimmying or fluttering, is commonly caused by misalignment, high rate of travel, or loose swivels. We’ve engineered our 58 Series casters to address these potential problems and improve the handling of your loads.

What applications is the Freedom 58 suited to perform?

The Freedom 58 Series is highly versatile and will deliver superior performance when used for dollies, shop carts, warehouse trucks, tow lines, floor trucks, food and beverage carts, vending, assembly lines, and aerospace applications.

Is maintenance-free really maintenance-free?

Yes and no. Our designs negate the requirement for greasing the fittings. However, we recommend all clients perform regular inspections and maintenance that may include tightening components, replacing damaged casters, realigning casters, etc.

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