Advantages of RWM’s Shock Absorbing Casters

December 16, 2020 in Product Specific

When you want Kingpinless casters, there simply isn’t a more reliable choice than our selection. Our casters are engineered to deliver superior performance and reliability under even the most challenging conditions. While there are many advantages to using shock absorbing casters, the following are some of the most common reasons our clients choose and trust our casters for their needs:

  • Protect precious cargo by reducing vibration.
  • Increase maneuverability and reduce strain during movement.
  • Extend service life and require less maintenance than competing products.
  • Superior radial force absorption.
  • Smoother swiveling action, which translates into a significantly shorter turning radius.
  • Heat-treated raceways protect casters from impact loads, making it possible to travel over rough surfaces without damaging the caster.
  • Rated for loads between 100 lbs and 18,000 lbs. This allows our clients to select casters suited for light applications or heavy work.
  • Reduce noise and protect your floor from damage as the heavy loads are moved across the room.
  • Superior control reduces potential accidents and protects employees from workplace injuries.
  • Kingpinless casters eliminate the leading cause of caster failure.
  • 100% made in America. When you purchase a caster from RWM, you support a thriving domestic supply chain that goes into each of our finished products.

There are many advantages to using RWM’s vertical mount, outside mount, and inside mount casters. We encourage you to contact our team at (800) 634-7704 for more information about our casters, and the applications each are ideally suited to perform.

Shock Absorbing Casters for a Wide Range of Industries

Shock absorbing casters are ideal for use in hospitals and laboratories where the smooth and safe movement of sensitive diagnostic equipment and medical supplies is essential. When lives are on the line, our casters ensure that the equipment won’t suffer damage that can negatively impact the accuracy of diagnostic data or the machine’s lifesaving functions.

RWM’s casters provide a smooth and stable platform, which is why many clients, including data center operators and telecom providers, use them as mobile workstations capable of supporting computer mainframe towers, and more.

Because of the heavy loads RWM’s casters can handle, it is also common to see them applied in concert venues, theaters, and sporting arenas to transport sound and lighting equipment. With a maximum carrying capacity of up to 18,000 lbs, our casters can easily haul even the heaviest speakers and lighting systems.

Many clients in food processing plants use our casters to haul everything from fresh produce to freshly slaughtered carcasses. Their sturdy design and heavy capacity mean that you can pile the cart as high as you want while transporting goods into cold storage lockers or across the loading dock into waiting trucks.

We also supply shock absorbing casters to numerous retail outlets. Their ease of use, durability, and maneuverability make them ideal for moving point of purchase displays, shelving, and, of course, products to the sales floor.

Finally, the design of RWM’s shock absorbing casters makes them ideally suited for use in industrial and manufacturing applications. They can swiftly and effortlessly transport raw materials, components, and completed goods from the factory floor to the warehouse and loading docks.

We encourage you to contact our team at (800) 634-7704 for more information about our casters and the many industries that rely on our casters for their operations. It is our pleasure to help you select the ideal caster for your desired applications.