Almost 24 Months into RWM’s Core Coat Test

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RWM’s Core Coat is weather tested and can protect iron and aluminum cores against corrosion. We have been performing a test on 3 of our wheels. One had our core coat on it and the other 2 did not. We left them outside for almost 2 years in all weather conditions and this is the result so far.

From Left to Right: Urethane on Iron w/Core Coat, Urethane on Iron w/o Core Coat, and Urethane on Aluminum w/o Core Coat

core coated wheels exposure test

Picture Above: Start of test January 2016

primer on zinc plating rwm casters

Picture Above: 11 Months Later

RWM Casters display booth

Picture Above: Almost 24 Months into test

The core coated wheel is still in great shape. In the past year more rust is apparent on both the non-coated wheels than was present in the prior evaluation.

For further reference on the previous update from the Core Coat test, check out our last blog post on this topic titled RWM Core Coat Can Weather Against Corrosion.

If you would like more information on RWM’s Core Coating, please reach out to us at 800-634-7704.

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