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It takes time, effort, and resources to run a business. At RWM, our maintenance-free casters save your time, reduce your effort, and preserve your resources so that you can focus on growing your business. Once installed, you can rest assured the caster will deliver superior performance and longevity. Our thorough design and engineering processes produce superior quality solutions that facilitate the smooth, ergonomic, and efficient handling of equipment, rigs, hand carts, towlines, trolleys, and more.

The Benefits of Maintenance-Free Casters

When you select maintenance-free casters for your business, you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits. The sturdy design means you’ll require less downtime for maintenance and repairs. This improves productivity and profitability, making maintenance-free casters a cost-effective investment.

Maintenance-free casters also help reduce your maintenance costs. This allows you to apply the savings toward other areas of your operations. These savings can quickly add up depending on the number of casters you procure.

Another key benefit is that maintenance-free casters significantly increase ergonomic efficiency. The smooth, stable motion of the caster reduces strain on the operator, which translates to fewer work-related injuries and associated expenses. By making it easier for your employees to move equipment, tools, finished products, etc., you’ll also expedite the products and services delivered to your clients.

Our Maintenance-Free Casters

RWM manufactures a broad selection of maintenance-free caster solutions. This allows you to select the ideal caster engineered to provide superior performance within loading docks, warehouses, bakeries, production lines, hospitality venues, etc.

Some of our most popular maintenance-free casters include:

Our Maintenance-Free Caster Services

Our team will help you select the optimal maintenance-free casters for your operations. We’ll consider a broad range of factors inherent to your business, including the environment and climate, type of flooring, intended use, inherent hazards such as corrosive chemicals, and more.

We will guide you through installation and provide long-term support for your maintenance-free casters. We are always ready to answer your questions and help you maximize the performance of your casters, wheels, and the systems you depend on to keep your business rolling forward.

Why Choose RWM for Your Maintenance-Free Caster Needs?

At RWM, our maintenance-free casters are the perfect solution for your needs. Since 1935, our teams have designed and engineered solutions that address our customers’ needs and guarantee your satisfaction with the quality, functionality, and durability of our products. When you need wheels, casters, and other material handling solutions, you’ll always receive the superior quality and service you deserve.

When you need top-quality, maintenance-free casters for your business, contact RWM online to place an order!


What does maintenance-free encompass?

Maintenance-free refers to the caster rig and the need to grease the bearings via a Zerk fitting. Because the raceway is sealed, the grease is locked within the unit. This means it will require no additional lubrication, won’t dry out, and won’t allow dirt and other debris to foul the bearings.

Will maintenance-free casters ever wear out?

Maintenance-free casters are not indestructible and will eventually wear out and lose performance. Tread can wear away, flat spots can develop, rust and corrosion can take hold, and many other issues can arise. Thus, regular inspections are still required to ensure the safety and stability of your casters.

What are the limitations of maintenance-free casters?

RWM’s maintenance-free casters are designed to operate in a wide range of settings. Our 48, 58, and 68 Series Casters have load-bearing capacities ranging from 1,500 to 2,500 pounds. Further, we offer zinc-plated finishes, Type II zinc dye chromate finishes, and electro-coating finishes, which provide exceptional protection against corrosion. This makes our casters ideal for tow lines, dollies, carts, hand and platform trucks, assembly lines, waste disposal, and more.

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