Braking Options for Every Application

December 20, 2021 in General

Sometimes it’s not enough to slow down; sometimes, you need to put the brakes on things. Whether affixed to rolling carts, work tables, racks, or equipment, you must be able to depend on your brakes to bring forward motion to a complete stop. At RWM, our light, medium, and heavy-duty braking systems will help protect your employees and cargo from harm.

Light-Duty Brake Options

RWM manufactures two different brakes for light-duty applications. The 27 Series Field Face Contact Brake and the 27 Series Field Installable Side Action Brake are corrosion-resistant and designed to provide significant braking power. Both are easily installed and will stop the caster from swiveling. These wheels have a load capacity of up to 300 pounds, which makes them ideal for use in the following applications:

  • Food processing equipment
  • Food service carts
  • Dollies
  • Cases
  • Racks
  • Tables
  • Commercial appliances
  • Retail fixtures
  • Display stands
  • Business machines
  • Business equipment

Medium-Duty Brake Options

RWM manufactures eight types of medium-duty brake options, including:

  • Side Wheel Brake: Effective for keeping carts and racks immobile. Easily engaged, these are well-suited for equipment and carts that are infrequently moved.
  • Side Brake Steel Tread Brake: Tread locks create significant friction guaranteed to stop carts and equipment from rolling.
  • Wrap-Around Wheel Brake: Wrap-around brakes ensure the proper orientation of your casters, which makes them easier to engage. It also improves safety and control.
  • Face Contact Nylon Brake: Corrosion-resistant, the Face Contact Nylon Brake has a capacity of up to 1000 pounds and is well-suited for toolboxes, stock carts, food service equipment, assembly lines, vending machines, and more.
  • Face Contact Nylon Total Lock Brake: This brake system is well-suited for furniture, equipment, and other stationary items. It will stop casters from swiveling and ensure equipment remains stable while in use.
  • Face Contact Steel Lock Brake: Built for use with the 46 Series caster, this pedal-activated system provides a solid way of engaging your braking system.
  • Field Installable Face Contact Brake: Built to accommodate a demountable swivel lock, the system is easily installed and designed for maximum stability for equipment and furniture, which enhances safety and efficiency.
  • Stainless Steel Field Installable Face Contact Brake: Ideal for adjusting pressure, the face contact brake ensures the caster is easily moved when desired and easily secured when needed.

Heavy-Duty Brake Options

RWM manufactures six heavy-duty brake options for our clients. These include:

  • Metal Field Installable Face Contact Brake: Ideal for high-temperature applications, it has a capacity of up to 1050 pounds and is well-suited for warehouse and factory use, food service, assembly lines, storage racks, and more.
  • Field Installable Cam Wheel Brake: Easily activated by the pedal, the non-skid pad helps ensure consistent friction, which makes it ideal for industrial and scientific applications.
  • Welded T-Handle Brake: This system is designed specifically to prevent rotation on service carts and equipment. It is well-suited for bakeries and other food service applications, including slaughterhouses, hatcheries, fisheries, and seafood processing.
  • Cam Wheel Brake: Lightweight and designed for the heaviest applications, the cam wheel brake is designed to provide reliable friction while preventing the wheel from rotating.
  • Poly Cam Brake: Ideal for aerospace, military, and industrial applications, the brake is easily adjusted for your specific needs.
  • Face Contact Wheel Brake: Adjustable for your needs, the face contact wheel brake provides significant braking power and will stop the cart, equipment, etc., from swiveling.

Wondering which light, medium, or heavy-duty brake is best suited for your needs? Contact the team at RWM Casters at 800-634-7704, and we’ll help you determine the ideal system for your operations.


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