Dedication: Not Only Advertised, But In The Workplace

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At RWM Casters, not only do we advertise our dedication to excellence, but we practice it on site. Every morning, dedicated employees who have worked for RWM Casters for years are found at their desk, walking into the office, or in our warehouses by eight o’clock, many before. Customer service can be heard and seen speaking with and emailing customers. Machines are in operation and workers can be seen operating machinery. When they are not here, our sales representatives are travelling to meet with customers, prospects, and vendors.

Throughout our warehouses, a banner hangs. It reads “RWM Casters Quality Policy: We are committed to continuous improvement, on time delivery, and zero defects.” Beneath these banners, employees fabricate and manufacture our casters. This is executed in the actions of those working underneath them. The policy is also reflected in the sounds of customer service, sales representatives, department heads, and managers echoing through RWM as they tend to our customers and the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of our casters.

We are engineered to outperform as a company not merely because of our quality products and production, but because of the dedication to RWM and its excellence by the people who carry it

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